Proceedings Archive - 2001

  • The cover highlights the potential for the Internet and advanced technologies to transform the sea services. (See page 9 for West 2001 or visit for details.) Photos top to bottom: National Aeronautics and Space...

  • On board the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), the new F/A-18F Super Hornet returns to the hangar bay after a day of testing. For additional coverage of the Super Hornet, see pages 48-51.

  • This photo taken by Lieutenant Luis Díaz-Bedia Astor of a Spanish Navy AV-8B Harrier from the Arma Aérea de la Armada flying off the Portuguese island of Madeira took a First Honorable Mention in this year's International Navies Photo Contest. For more winning photos, turn to page 56.

  • At the San Francisco Drydock, Inc., riggers pose with the enormous propeller (26 feet in diameter and 55 tons) of the USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) in this black-and-white photo by George O. Bonawit, second place winner in the 39th Naval and Maritime Photo Contest. For other winners, see pages...

  • Two Super Hornets from VA-122 break off as this Flying Eagle takes a self-portrait.

  • At the U.S. Navy Submarine School at Groton, CT, students train in a simulated escape trunk. After the trunk fills with water, each disoriented student must find his way to the escape hatch that leads to the connecting pool. See “Submarine Escape Training—Are We Serious?” pages...

  • Firefighting instructor Michael Murrell (center) advances his team into a fire at Recruit Training Command. In July, Naval Training Center at Great Lakes celebrates its 90th birthday. For more coverage on recruit training, see pages 34–40.

  • This issue features aircraft of the past, present, and future. Clockwise from upper left: an AV-8B Harrier lands on the deck of the USS Essex (LHD-2) (U.S. NAVY/J. G. McCARTER); an F-14 drops a bomb at Fallon (U.S. NAVY/S. DAVIS); the STO/VL version of the Boeing Joint Strike Fighter...

  • Northrop Grumman's naval unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV-N), the X47-B, was featured at Patuxent River's UAV Demo Day in July. The X47-B, or Pegasus, is completely company-funded and will be conducting tests later this year. For more coverage on UAVs and UCAVs see pages 32–41.

  • "Freedom Isn't Free" titles our coverage in response to the terrorist attacks on the United States—see pp. 53–57. This title was used in the May 1997 Proceedings by one of the terrorists' victims,...

  • Fight for Freedom—pp. 33–49—is a special section of responses to the terrorist attacks on the United States. Ordnancemen on board the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) prepare weapons to support Enduring Freedom.

  • U.S. Coast Guard coastal patrol boat Beluga (WPB-87325) escorts the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) out of Norfolk harbor en route to her new home port of San Diego. Following the attacks on 11 September, security measures have tightened throughout the United States, especially in and...


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