Proceedings Archive - 2000

  • The Arleigh Burke guided-missile destroyer Porter (DDG-78) is the lead to this issue focusing on surface warfare and featuring "Muzzling Admiral Burke." Photo by Ron Elias/Litton-Ingalls Shipbuilding.

  • Using the skills and expertise typical of an American sailor, Electronics Technician 1st Class Mark Caprio from Jacksonville, Florida, demonstrates that hi-tech doesn't always mean a desk and a monitor as he checks radar equipment high above the guided-missile destroyer USS Carney (...

  • This  year's International Navies Photo Contest (pp. 56-60) is a tour-de-force by two Royal Netherlands Navy photographers, whose images took all five winning slots. The cover photo by Johan van Leeuwen captures these Royal Netherlands Marines storming ashore.

  • The Submarine Force celebrates "100 Years From the Depths—Sea Power" this month. For coverage of submarine issues, see pages 34-48 and 103-104. The swim call on the Wyoming (SSBN-742), taken by Jeffrey Henry, took second place in this year's Naval and Maritime Photo...

  • SH-60B Seahawk returns to the guided-missile Aegis cruiser Anzio (CG-68). Photo by Brian R. Wolff (IIPI) from his forthcoming Riders of the Storm.

  • The brooms atop the USS Miami (SSN-755) are symbolic of a clean
    sweep. On one deployment, the Miami successfully launched Tomahawks in
    Desert Fox (Arabian Gulf) and Noble Anvil (Adriatic). Photo by Beth Mulloy.

  • The Roosevelt (DDG-80) undergoes her Charlie Trials in the Gulf of Mexico. See "Handling the Arleigh Burkes," page 85. Photo by Steve Ruh, Ingalls Shipbuilding.

  • Marine Hornet pilots 1st Lt Christine Westrich and 1st Lt Ted Shackleton launch this issue's extra coverage on naval aviation to commemorate Tailhook 2000—see Publisher's Page (12). Previously assigned to VMFAT-101 “Sharpshooters” from MCAS Miramar, California, both...

  • In a joint exercise, Navy E/A-6Bs from VAQ-128 and 129 line up to receive fuel from an Air Force KC-10A. See “Saving Naval Aviation” and the Joint Warfighting Contest winners.

  • In a historic test firing, the soon-to-be commissioned Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer Winston Churchhill (DDG-81) fires an Extended-Range Guided Munition test round from her new Mark-45 Mod 4 naval gun built by United Defense.

  • An air-cushion landing craft (LCAC) participates in Exercise Kernel Blitz at Camp Pendleton, California. This Proceedings coincides with the U.S. Marine Corps’ 225th birthday and includes a focus on Marine Corps topics. Photo from Riders of the Storm (see p. 87).

  • An HH-60 Jayhawk from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak hovers near Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Proceedings’ special Coast Guard coverage begins on page 32.


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