The Dauntless, Singapore’s seventh littoral mission vessel, entered service in 2020.

Singapore’s Littoral Solution

By Eric Wertheim
July 2024
Not to be confused with the U.S. Navy’s Independence-variant littoral combat ships, Singapore’s LMVs were locally designed, with significant assistance from the Swedish firm Saab.
The MV-22 provides a critical capability, but it faces challenges that echo those of the Harrier. If the current review looks at and builds on the aircraft’s previous readiness review, its insights will help keep the MV-22 ready and reliable for the remaining decades of its service life.

Lessons from the Harrier

By Lieutenant General Jon M. Davis, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
July 2024
In 1982, when I received my wings and was selected to fly the AV-8A Harrier, the aircraft had a reputation of being not just difficult, but dangerous to fly.

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