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Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet

Brigadier General William Bowers, USMC , and Dr. Christopher Yung , talk about thier article in the November issue "China Has Learned the Value of Amphibious Operations." 

Episode 49: November 16, 201 8

Afshin Molavi , Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute, talks about China and the "New Silk Road" and the defense and security implications surrounding it. 

Episode 48: November 2, 201 8

Lieutenant Commander Graham Scarbro , Navy Super Hornet pilot, talks about fixing the Navy's air combat adversary problem. 

Episode 47: October 26, 201 8

1st Lieutenant Christian Heller, USMC, talks about his prize-winning essay on counterintelligence. 

Episode 46: October 18, 201 8

Tom Cutler  from the Naval Institute Press talks about his time in the "brown water" Navy in Vietnam, his job as the Gordon England Chair for Professional Naval Books, and how raw manuscripts become Naval Institute Press books. 

Episode 45: October 9, 201 8

Former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman talks about winning the Cold War at sea, the 1980's maritime strategy, and his new book Oceans Ventured .

Episode 44: October 4, 2018

Coast Guard Academy Cadet Evan Twarog talks about social media and how an idea that took off during Hurricane Harvey has now become fundamental to how the Coast Guard saves lives. His essay won third place in the 2018 Coast Guard Essay Contest and is in the October Proceedings

Episode 43: Sept. 26, 2018

Captain "Barney" Rubel , USN (Ret.) discusses his September Proceedings article, "Use Carriers Differently in a High-End Fight." 

Episode 42: Sept. 12, 2018  
Major Valerie McGuire , USMC, on Russia's hybrid warfare threat, including computer hacking.

Episode 41: Sept. 3, 2018
Navy Captain Peter Ryan talks about the threat video addiction poses to readiness across the fleet.

Episode 40: August 28, 2018
Undersea explorer Robert Kraft describes his team's recent findings of the wrecks of the Lexington, Indianapolis , and Juneau . (For more check out "Paul Allen's Winning Season" in the Aug. issue of Naval History magazine.

Episode 39: August 23, 2018
Army Major Nick Nethery discusses what's needed for the next generation of urban combat from his article "Prepare to Fight in Megacities," which appears in the August Proceedings .

Episode 38: August 10, 2018
Lieutenant Katie Davidson , U.S. Navy, talks about how junior officers must help fix SWO training. 

Episode 37: August 2, 2018
Acting MCPON Russell Smith talks morale, manpower, and career paths.

Episode 36: July 26, 2018
Petty Officer Second Class Erica Rands-Howard , USCG, talks about her experiences as a brand new member of a cutter crew when she worked "double 4-to-8" watches, which broke her more than breaking her in.

Episode 35: July 19, 2018
Don Walsh talks about diving to 36,000 feet in the Marianas Trench and other amazing adventures he had as one of the first "hydronauts" in the early '60s.

Episode 34: July 11, 2018

August Cole , writer and futurist, calls into the Proceedings Podcast to talk about "Automated Valor," his short work of fiction that was exclusively published in the May issue of  Proceedings  and a host of other topics including the future of warfighting and military procurement.

Episode 33: June 30, 2018
Fred Rainbow , longtime Proceedings Editor-in-chief, looks back on his Naval Institute career on the eve of his retirement.

Episode 32: June 28, 2018
Captain James McGrath calls into the show from the Naval War College to discuss his article in the June  Proceedings  titled "Would Nimitz Win a Midway Today?" McGrath talks about relative shipbuilding capacity and how Roosevelt made it happen in the '30 and how it can't happen today.

Episode 31: June 20, 2018
Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin , U.S. Navy (Ret.) calls into the  Proceedings  Podcast to discuss his recent article in the magazine titled "It's Not Just the Forward Deployed," which outlines his issues with the Comprehensive Review written following the two collisions at sea last summer that killed 17 sailors.

Episode 30: June 12, 2018
Professor James Holmes of the Naval War College calls into the show to discuss the "five faces of Chinese naval power."

Episode 29: May 28, 2018
Admiral Mike Mullen , former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, joins Bill and Ward in the studio to talk about his article from the April issue of Proceedings regarding adjustments to the surface warfare officer career path in the wake of last summer's collisions at sea.

Episode 28: May 21, 2018
Captain Andrew Jampoler , USN (Ret.) calls into the show to talk about his article in the May Proceedings  about how last summer's collisions at sea and the Fat Leonard scandal are related and reflect poorly on the state of leadership and the profession at large.

Episode 27: May 8, 2018
Maj. Nick Nappi , USMC, calls in from Hawaii to talk to Bill and Ward about how each of the Pacific allies might react in the event of a hot war with China.

Episode 26: April 20, 2018
LT (j.g.) Andrea Howard , USN, talks to Bill and Ward about the history of tactical nuclear weapons and the state of current thought with respect to their use.

Episode 25: April 11, 2018
Bill and Ward talk to LT Joseph Hanacek , USN, about his article in the April Proceedings titled, "Presence Is Not Deterrence," in which he makes a distinction between "active" and "latent" suasion and suggests the Navy is doing too much of the latter, while assuming it covers the former. 

Episode 24: April 4, 2018
Bill and Ward speak to retired Navy Captain Sam Tangredi about his article in the April Proceedings , dealing with the future of amphibious warfare. 

Episode 23: March 28, 2018
In this episode, Bill and Ward talk to two U.S. Coast Guard commanders about their article in the March Proceedings about how cutters might be modified to fight the home game against peer threats.

Episode 22: March 15, 2018
Captain John Cordle (U.S. Navy, Ret.) talks to Bill and Ward about his most recent Proceedings article, "It's All About the Sailors," which deals with the challenges of training at sea and making sure sailors get enough rest to be effective and safe.

Episode 21: March 8, 2018
In this week's episode of the Proceedings Podcast, Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll talk to LT (j.g.) Daniel Stefanus , U.S. Navy, a surface warfare officer who's won several U.S. Naval Institute essay contests in recent years. Lt. Stefanus provides insight into his techniques for writing about issues facing the Navy and leadership in the fleet in general.

Episode 20: March 1, 2018
In this episode, Navy SEAL Colin Supko talks about his combat experience and how it's served him as he created Patriot List, his startup business. Colin also discusses innovation with Bill and Ward, and gives his recommendations for how the Department of Defense could improve its warfighting capability by being more business-friendly. 

Episode 19: February 22, 2018
This week, Captain Pete Pagano, U.S. Navy (Retired) joins Bill and Ward to talk about how the Navy need to update its training process to prepare for near-peer threats. And Megan of the Naval Institute Press stops by to preview the USNI Press spring catalog. 

Episode 18: February 15, 2018
USNI News senior writer Megan Eckstein joins Bill and Ward to talk about the roll-out of the DoD budget and the U.S. Navy's latest shipbuilding plan.

Episode 17: February 8, 2018
In this episode Bill and Ward talk to VADM Tom Moore, USN, NAVSEA Commander, live from WEST 2018. Admiral Moore discusses the status of CVN 78, the future of LCS, how NAVSEA has supported 7th Fleet in the wake of last summer's mishaps, and the need for a defense budget.

Episode 16: February 1, 2018
This week’s guest is Admiral Scott Swift, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. He talks with Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet about his February article and current challenges in the Pacific.

Episode 15: January 24, 2018
In this episode of the  Proceedings  Podcast, Bill and Ward talk to Captain Will McGee, USMC, about his article titled "The Exercise Has No Clothes" featured in the January issue of the magazine. Capt. McGee explains some of what he wrote in the piece regarding how training scenarios don't provide the depth of information on an adversary that real-world scenarios can.

Episode 14: January 16, 2018
In this episode, Commander Salamander joins Bill and Ward to talk about the most recent report regarding the USS Fitzgerald and McCain mishaps. Sal's latest blog post suggests the Surface Navy isn't showing the right signs of learning lessons from these tragedies. 

Episode 13: January 10, 2018
In this episode Bill and Ward talk to LCDR Tony Kochanski, a Growler pilot who just got out to fly with a commercial carrier. Tony wrote an article titled "To Fix TACAIR Pilot Retention, Follow the Money," a discussion about flight pay disparities, that appears in the January issue of Proceedings .

Episode 12: January 4, 2018
In this episode of the  Proceedings  Podcast, Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll discuss the January issue of Proceedings with Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury, U.S. Navy, and drill down into Captain Kevin Eyer’s definitive article “What Happened To Our Surface Forces?”

Episode 11: December 20, 2017
In this episode of the  Proceedings  Podcast, Bill and Ward are joined by CAPT Kevin Eyer, USN (Ret.), surface warfare expert, to talk about the state of the Littoral Combat Ship in the wake of the recent CRS report on the program.

Episode 10: December 6, 2017
In this episode Bill calls into Beach Hall from Newport, RI to chat with Ward about the findings from the C-2 mishap in WestPac, the USNI Defense Forum in DC, transgender troops, and more.

Episode 9: 30 November 2017
Bill and Ward discuss the fallout from the Growler sky writing incident over Washington state, and the future of SWO training. Call-in guest is CDR Tom Ullmer, USN, the current Naval Institute fellow and former Gator ship CO.

Episode 8: 15 November 2017
Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll talk to Sgt. Maj. Mike Burke, USMC, about his article titled "Train Them Like Marines" in the November issue of Proceedings .

Episode 7: 8 November 2017
USNI News editor Sam LaGrone joins Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll in the studio to talk about current events including the latest surrounding the budget and "Fat Leonard" scandal.

Episode 6: 1 November 2017
Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet analyze the U.S. Navy's report on the Fitzgerald and McCain collisions at sea, review some features from the November issue of Proceedings, and chat with Navy SEAL LT Jarrod Suess about the books he carried into combat.

Episode 5: 25 October 2017
In this episode, along with other current events, Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet explain that USNI is NOT a political forum while discussing a Proceedings Today article titled, "Take a Knee."

Episode 4: 18 October 2017
In this episode, Ward and Bill put a finer point on the amazing history of USNI and go deep on China.

Episode 3: 11 October 2017
In episode 3 of the Proceedings Podcast, Bill and Ward invite their first guest into the studio: LT Brendan Cordial, USN, a surface warfare officer who wrote an article in the March issue titled, "Too Many SWOs Per Ship." LT Cordial offers some ideas on improvements for the fleet. 

Episode 2: 04 October 2017
Bill and Ward chat about the latest around the "Fat Leonard" scandal and the T-45 OBOGS problem. Bill also digs deep into how the U.S. Navy should deal with China. 

Episode 1: 27 September 2017
In the first episode of the Proceedings  Podcast, Ward and Bill discuss the most recent "Fat Leonard" news as well as the latest news on the collisions at sea and the T-45 oxygen system problems. The team also highlights feature articles from the October issue of Proceedings  - the Submarine issue.




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