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Finally, “unmanned” dominates the content of this issue. One system we discussed—but not shown except here—is Houston Mechatronics’ subsea robot being looked at to conduct mine countermeasures. 

As for the content in this issue, it is both varied and daring. Proceedings Author of the Year for 2017, retired Navy Captain Kevin Eyer, asks—and answers—many questions about ballistic missile defense. Long-time Naval Institute author and Naval War College Professor James Holmes tells us how the Chinese arrived at where they are at sea and where they likely are headed. And no June Proceedings would be complete without trying to learn from the Battle of Midway, about which Captain James McGrath gives us plenty to consider. This issue also features the winners of the Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Essay Contest (“Be Aces for All Seasons,” pages 48−53) and the Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune Writing Award, Naval Postgraduate School Essay Contest (“Framing Marine Corps Culture,” pages 58−63), as well as this year’s Capstone essays—pages 64−70.

There are other especially noteworthy contributions. Retired Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin provides an account only he as a former Commander Seventh Fleet could pen, “It’s Not Just the Forward Deployed.” Lieutenant Lincoln Schneider shares what it is like to lose a shipmate to suicide in his Commentary. What else could—or should—have been done? This is not your normal suicide-prevention contribution.

And believe it or not, there is much more.

Fred H. Rainbow

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