The Proceedings Podcast

Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet

Episode 16: February 1, 2018
This week’s guest is Admiral Scott Swift, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. He talks with Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet about his February article and current challenges in the Pacific.

Episode 15: January 24, 2018
In this episode of the PROCEEDINGS Podcast, Bill and Ward talk to Captain Will McGee, USMC, about his article titled "The Exercise Has No Clothes" featured in the January issue of the magazine. Capt. McGee explains some of what he wrote in the piece regarding how training scenarios don't provide the depth of information on an adversary that real-world scenarios can.

Episode 14: January 16, 2018
In this episode, Commander Salamander joins Bill and Ward to talk about the most recent report regarding the USS Fitzgerald and McCain mishaps. Sal's latest blog post suggests the Surface Navy isn't showing the right signs of learning lessons from these tragedies. 

Episode 13: January 10, 2018
In this episode Bill and Ward talk to LCDR Tony Kochanski, a Growler pilot who just got out to fly with a commercial carrier. Tony wrote an article titled "To Fix TACAIR Pilot Retention, Follow the Money," a discussion about flight pay disparities, that appears in the January issue of PROCEEDINGS.

Episode 12: January 4, 2018
In this episode of the PROCEEDINGS Podcast, Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll discuss the January issue of Proceedings with Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury, U.S. Navy, and drill down into Captain Kevin Eyer’s definitive article “What Happened To Our Surface Forces?”

Episode 11: December 20, 2017
In this episode of the PROCEEDINGS Podcast, Bill and Ward are joined by CAPT Kevin Eyer, USN (Ret.), surface warfare expert, to talk about the state of the Littoral Combat Ship in the wake of the recent CRS report on the program.

Episode 10: December 6, 2017
In this episode Bill calls into Beach Hall from Newport, RI to chat with Ward about the findings from the C-2 mishap in WestPac, the USNI Defense Forum in DC, transgender troops, and more.

Episode 9: 30 November 2017
Bill and Ward discuss the fallout from the Growler sky writing incident over Washington state, and the future of SWO training. Call-in guest is CDR Tom Ullmer, USN, the current Naval Institute fellow and former Gator ship CO.

Episode 8: 15 November 2017
Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll talk to Sgt. Maj. Mike Burke, USMC, about his article titled "Train Them Like Marines" in the November issue of Proceedings .

Episode 7: 8 November 2017
USNI News editor Sam LaGrone joins Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll in the studio to talk about current events including the latest surrounding the budget and "Fat Leonard" scandal.

Episode 6: 1 November 2017
Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet analyze the U.S. Navy's report on the Fitzgerald and McCain collisions at sea, review some features from the November issue of Proceedings, and chat with Navy SEAL LT Jarrod Suess about the books he carried into combat.

Episode 5: 25 October 2017
In this episode, along with other current events, Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet explain that USNI is NOT a political forum while discussing a Proceedings Today article titled, "Take a Knee."

Episode 4: 18 October 2017
In this episode, Ward and Bill put a finer point on the amazing history of USNI and go deep on China.

Episode 3: 11 October 2017
In episode 3 of the Proceedings Podcast, Bill and Ward invite their first guest into the studio: LT Brendan Cordial, USN, a surface warfare officer who wrote an article in the March issue titled, "Too Many SWOs Per Ship." LT Cordial offers some ideas on improvements for the fleet. 

Episode 2: 04 October 2017
Bill and Ward chat about the latest around the "Fat Leonard" scandal and the T-45 OBOGS problem. Bill also digs deep into how the U.S. Navy should deal with China. 

Episode 1: 27 September 2017
In the first episode of the Proceedings  Podcast, Ward and Bill discuss the most recent "Fat Leonard" news as well as the latest news on the collisions at sea and the T-45 oxygen system problems. The team also highlights feature articles from the October issue of Proceedings  - the Submarine issue.




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