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Ask any officer why he or she is commissioned into service, and why enlisted...


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  • Proceedings Podcast, Episode 4

    In this episode, Bill and Ward put a finer point on the amazing history of the U.S. Naval Institute and go deep on China. 


  • Proceedings Podcast, Episode 5

    In this episode, along with other current events, Ward and Bill try to explain that USNI is NOT a political forum while discussing a PROCEEDINGS TODAY article titled,...

  • Find the Root Causes First
    Rear Admiral Terry McKnight, U.S. Navy (Retired) and David Silverstein

  • Why a TRIAD?
    By Rear Admiral William J. Holland Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

    As the nation begins discussions on the future of the nuclear triad, knowledgeable Navy voices must be ready to explain the utility and...

  • Russia's Fifth-Generation Sub Looms
    By Michael Kofman


  • Proceedings Podcast, Episode 3

    In episode 3 of the PROCEEDINGS PODCAST Bill and Ward invite their first guest into the studio: LT Brendan Cordial, USN,...

  • Now Hear This—The Clock is Ticking in China: The Decade of Concern Has Begun
    By Captain Jim Fanell, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Of Suns and Dragons
    By Lieutenant (junior grade) Daniel Stefanus, U.S. Navy

    Navigating the Way Ahead with China...

  • Unraveling the Thresher's Story
    By Captain Joseph F. Yurso, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    On 10 April 1963, the USS Thresher (SSN-593) sank with all hands during sea trials off the Massachusetts coast. At the time, I...

  • Comment & Discussion
  • Charting A Course—Over the Side with Bridge & Pea Coats?
    By Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Long ago, the bridge of a ship was open to the weather. This must seem obvious to those who imagine ships in the days of sail,...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But . . .Get Rid of the Surface Ensign Stigma
    By Lieutenant (junior grade) Joshua Asaro, U.S. Navy

  • From the Deckplates—Why Is the Navy Concerned About Toughness?
    By Command Master Chief Greg Renick, U.S. Navy

  • Commentary—The President's Decision For Afghanistan Matters
    By Lieutenant Commander Carlos Oroza, U.S. Navy

  • Professional notes: The U.S. F-35 versus the PRC J-20
    By Dr. Mark B. Schneider

  • Professional Notes: Prepare Gun Crews for Combat
    By Gunner's Mate First Class Wayne Moore, U.S. Navy


  • Leadership Forum: It Must Be About Leadership
    By Commander David P. Wroe, U.S. Navy, with Commander Jim Von St Paul and Command Master Chief Michael Leggett, U.S. Navy


  • Take a Knee for Social Justice
    Rear Admiral Michael S. Baker, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Send the USS Ponce to Puerto Rico!
    By Christopher P. Cavas

    Sitting in the harbor of San Juan, Puerto Rico right now is the USCGC James (WMSL-754), one of the U.S. Coast Guard’s newest, largest...

  • Proceedings Podcast, Episode 2

    Bill Hamblet and Ward Carroll discuss more on the "Fat Leonard"/Glenn Defense Marine scandal, aviation physiological episodes, articles in Proceedings and Proceedings Today, and what to do about Chinese expansionism. 


  • Maritime Interdiction Against North Korea Will Be Hard
    By Commander George C. Capen, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Invest in the Best
    By Captain Ronald R. Shaw Jr., U.S. Navy

  • Proceedings Podcast, Episode 1

    In the first episode of the PROCEEDINGS podcast, Ward Carroll and Bill Hamblet discuss the most recent "Fat Leonard" news as well as the latest around collisions at sea and the T-45 oxygen system. The team also highlights features from...

  • Collisions Raise PTSD Danger Flags
    By Captain John P. Cordle, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Self-Control Empowers Individuals and Organizations
    Vice Admiral Al Konetzni, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Loss of Confidence Doesn’t Cut It
    By Commander Doyle Hodges, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Automate Vertical Logistics to Create Warfighting Capacity: Part II
    Lieutenant Ben Foster, U.S. Navy

    (Note: This is Part II of a two-part commentary.  See...

  • Educating Kids Is a Readiness Issue
    By Jim Cowen and Marcus S. Lingenfelter

    Senior Pentagon officials are sounding the alarm – military readiness has reached a dangerous low point.

  • Automate Vertical Logistics to Create Warfighting Capacity: Part I
    Lieutenant Ben Foster, U.S. Navy

    “Why are we not allowed to war-fight?”

  • SWOs Need A "Flight School"
    Lieutenant Commander Tyler McKnight, U.S. Navy

  • J.O. Retention: Survey Those Who Leave
    Lieutenant G. Graham Van Hook, U.S. Navy

  • Develop JOs as Good Coaches Develop Quarterbacks
    By Lieutenant (junior grade) Joshua Asaro

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  • CEO Notes


    We Celebrate the Winners 


  • Special—Canines Bring Compassion to the Courtroom
    By Legalman First Class Daniel A. Vasquez, U.S. Navy

    The Region Legal Service Office (RLSO) Northwest in Bremerton, Washington, has a program to support victims and witnesses during the...

  • Professional notes: Data-Driven Disaster Response
    By Cadet Third Class Evan Twarog, U.S. Coast Guard

    How Advanced Crisis Mapping and big data Can Improve Coast Guard Incident Response

    The future of Coast Guard disaster response...

  • Book Reviews


    27 Articles, 100th Anniversary Edition
    By Captain...

  • World Naval Developments: Were our ships hacked?
    By Norman Friedman

  • Combat Fleets

  • World's Coast Guards
    By Jim Dolbow<p>

    The Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) is a multimission civilian agency that is heavily dependent on volunteers to perform its missions. The service...

  • Naval Systems: Air-launched Antiship Missile Re-engineered for Surface Combatants
    By Edward J. Walsh

    Lockheed Martin’s Missiles and Fire Control department and the Navy are working to schedule a demonstration launch of a long-range...

  • Lest We Forget: Vice Admiral Dennis Wilkinson
    By A. Denis Clift


    It wasn’t until he sent me to Pittsburgh and wanted to be kept advised how Westinghouse was doing that I had frequent...


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