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As the Sea Services increase their unmanned capabilities, they must also gear up for the same threats themselves, both on the surface and beneath the waves.


  • Editor's Page
    Paul Merzlak, Editor-in-Chief

    When President Barack Obama announced the normalization of relations with longtime Cold War adversary Cuba last December, this seismic shift elicited a range of emotions. While some were against any...

  • Now Hear this - Demise of the Aircraft Carrier? Hardly
    By Admiral Richard C. Macke, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? “Not I, roared the lion, for I am the king of the jungle”—just as U.S. aircraft carriers are the kings of the sea.

    Many authors of articles and opinions on anti-access/area denial (...

  • From the Deckplates - People, Not Programs
    By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    In a recent social media post, I stated that leaders should focus on their people instead of their own legacy. I did so while sharing a previous article on mentoring, “On the Faces of Others” (Proceedings, May 2011). The...

  • Charting A Course - Welcome to the Race
    By Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Think of your career as a cross-country race. Maybe you are a good runner; maybe you are a bad runner; maybe you are a reluctant runner. Nonetheless, like it or not, you are in a race. Here’s the thing: While you may expect that...

  • Cuba, the Coast Guard, and Chaos
    By Lieutenant Commander Brian Smicklas, U.S. Coast Guard

    As relations between Cuba and the United States trend toward amiable, the Florida Straits maritime domain could become chaotic. The fuse has been lit, and an explosion of legitimate and illegitimate commerce will commence between the United...

  • The Perils of Energy Independence
    By Lieutenant Commander Scott Bennie, U.S. Navy Reserve

    When it comes to weaning ourselves from foreign oil, the United States should be careful what it wishes for—especially in light of its potential impact on U.S. Pacific Command’s operations in...

  • Confessions of a Major Program Manager
    By Captain Mark Vandroff, U.S. Navy
    While those tasked with leading the Department of Defense’s acquisitions process may not be popular, their work is vital.

    I am a major program manager (MPM), and this is my confession.

  • Making Places, Not Bases a Reality
    By Colonel Michael W. Pietrucha, U.S. Air Force Reserve
    The number of U.S. military bases overseas—especially those that can accommodate fighter aircraft—has declined. Establishing ‘frontier bases’ provided by the host nation could be the solution....

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  • CEO Notes
    By Peter H. Daly, VADM, USN (Ret.)

    There is still time for you to register for the 2015 History Conference, “Marine Corps Actions Shaping History,” scheduled for 14 October. Cohosted by the Naval Institute and the U.S. Naval...

  • Comment & Discussion

    The Demise of the Cutterman

    (See B. Smicklas, pp. 28–33, August 2015 Proceedings)

  • Nobody Asked Me, But . . . - It’s Time for a Revolution in Maritime ‘Credentialing’
    By Captain John C. Nygaard, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    The surface warfare community is in the midst of change—good change. Notable progress includes the increased focus on developing tactical prowess and the refined career paths to expand professional experiences and enhance community...

  • Be Prepared for Maritime Drones
    By Lieutenant Commander William J. Rogers, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
    As the Sea Services increase their unmanned capabilities, they must also gear up for the same threats themselves, both on the surface and beneath the waves.

    Although the United States is a world leader in...

  • Taking the Offensive
    By Lieutenant Colonel G. John David, U.S. Marine Corps
    To truly achieve information dominance, the military must go beyond a defensive strategy to spread its ideas at the level of the individual service member.

    The Joint Information Environment (JIE) provides...

  • The Black Sea and Beyond
    By Stephen Blank
    The naval and strategic consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cast a long shadow over Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    Russia’s war in Ukraine continues and even escalates. As this...

  • The Army's New Role in the Pacific Pivot
    By Lieutenant Colonel Jason B. Nicholson, U.S. Army, and Joseph Trevithick

    The development of a modern amphibious doctrine is essential for Army operations in the Pacific.

  • Special Report

    Ripples in a ‘Latent Talent Pool’

    By Lieutenant Commander Ben Kohlmann, U.S. Navy Reserve
    The fledgling Defense Entrepreneurs Forum conjures the spirit that brought us the...

  • Book Reviews

    Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

    General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army (Retired), with Tatum Collins, David Silverman, and Chris Fussell....

  • Professional Notes

    Offensive Cyber for the Tactical Maritime Commander

    By Lieutenant Commander Brian Evans, U.S. Navy, and Rick Lanchantin

  • U.S. Navy - Suppressing Surprise
    By Norman Polmar

    During the several decades since the end of World War II, the U.S. Navy and other Western fleets suffered operational and technological “surprises” on an almost continuous basis. For the U.S. Navy it...

  • Naval Systems - Anti-Armor Missile Locked in for LCS
    By Edward J. Walsh

    The Navy is pushing ahead with plans to arm its littoral combat ships (LCSs) with the Army’s AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire surface-to-surface missile, following successful at-sea test-firings this past ...

  • World Naval Developments - Choosing the Lesser Evil
    By Norman Friedman

    The relationship between the West and Iran is changing, whether or not the U.S. part of the Iran nuclear deal is approved. The issue is whether Iran will be able to develop the nuclear weapons it has...

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim

    This summer Russia unveiled its new maritime doctrine, which contains plans for an increased emphasis on operations in the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic regions, a permanent Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea, and improvements to the...

  • Lest We Forget - ‘Admiral’ Washington
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    On the night of 4 March 1776, Continental Army batteries positioned at Cambridge, just east of Boston, opened fire on the British-occupied city. It seemed a waste of precious ammunition, because the barrage had...

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    Join the Leaders!

    The Naval Institute is truly grateful for the generosity of all our amazing supporters. Our deepest thanks to the following individuals whose participation thus far in 2015 distinguishes them as members of the ...

  • From Our Archive

    ‘Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
    Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
    The multitudinous seas incarnadine,...


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