The Commanders Respond: Spanish Navy

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the ongoing operations that fall under national responsibility or are derived from individual diplomatic initiatives, such as cooperative-security operations with Mauritania, Senegal, and Cape Verde that include training at sea, mentoring, and capacity-building activities. 

Spain’s focus on Africa can be justified by geostrategic considerations and threat perception. Of course, this posture is not shared completely by all our allies. Unlike in the past, where a clear threat was shared, in the future allies will likely be sensitive to different threats.

We always need to think jointly. As such, the Spanish Navy supports the joint arena as the best option to offer its capabilities to a variety of operations conducted by the Spanish armed forces, yet takes into account that the effectiveness of joint action relies on the performance of a single service. For example, the Navy works with the Spanish Air Force in Atalanta and with the Spanish Army in the national capability operation in Senegal.

To successfully accomplish this wide range of demanding operations, the just-commissioned Spanish Navy ships have been designed with common features: state-of-the-art technology, multipurpose use, reduced crew, and package module capabilities for various mission profiles (LPH Juan Carlos I and Meteoro -class patrol boats were born this way). Moreover, a relevant achievement is the recent approval to expand the first batch of Meteoro -class patrol boats and the remarkable advance in the new frigate F-110 development program. Finally, the new submarine, S-80 (in construction), will strengthen our command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance, and maritime situational-awareness capabilities in sea-control missions as well as our defense and deterrence role.



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