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2014 Global Defense Burden Essay Contest Second-Place Winner, Sponsored by Finmeccanica North America




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    In all the debating over budget cuts and what force size is right for the United States, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these numbers games represent real capabilities retained or lost. You often can’t appreciate the true...

  • Now Hear This - Technology Brings a Paradox of Power
    By Midshipman Second Class Thomas Wester, U.S. Navy

    New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman states in his op-ed article about the book The Second Machine Age: “Our generation will have more power to improve (or destroy) the world than any time before, relying on fewer...

  • From the Deckplates - Why the How Matters
    By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Recent events provided the opportunity to congratulate a respected shipmate on a major career milestone. But, regrettably, I had to decline the invitation to attend the ceremony that marked his achievement. Instead of a typically short “...

  • Special - The New Navy Prepares for War: The U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, 1910-19
    By A. Denis Clift

    Digitizing Proceedings

    Realizing an important strategic goal, the U.S. Naval Institute has just completed digitizing every issue of Proceedings published over 140 years. With the contents preserved...

  • Repeating Three Strategic Mistakes?
    By Captain David A. Adams, U.S. Navy
    Although hesitant to embrace the realities of irregular warfare, the Navy must learn to navigate the civil, maritime, and military realms of today’s conflicts.

    Adrift strategically for more than two...

  • Preparing for War, Keeping the Peace
    By Commander Phillip E. Pournelle, U.S. Navy
    In the years after World War I, the U.S. military’s exhaustive wargaming paved the way for victory in World War II—we need to revive that approach today for the conflicts of tomorrow.


  • Push the Force Forward!
    By Lieutenant Michael Glynn, U.S. Navy
    Reorganizing the Navy’s maritime patrol and reconnaissance community could result in an identical presence with huge savings.

    In this era of fiscal austerity, the Department of Defense must...

  • Cooperation is the Key to NATO's Future
    By Lieutenant (junior grade) Chris Pagenkopf
    2014 Global Defense Burden Essay Contest Winner

    With many alliance nations strapped for cash, the United States has had to bear a disproportionate amount of NATO’s...

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  • NATO’s Future: It’s Far from the North Atlantic
    By Commander Corry J. Kucik, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy

    2014 Global Defense Burden Essay Contest Second-Place Winner, Sponsored by Finmeccanica North America


  • National Budgets Are Tight, but the Global Defense Market Can Help
    By Captain (N) Per Bigum Christensen, Technical Director, Royal Danish Navy.

    2014 Global Defense Burden Essay Contest Third-Place Winner, Sponsored by Finmeccanica North America

  • CEO Notes

    As you have read on these pages, we are reemphasizing essay contests. They have been an integral part of the Naval Institute since 1878, when members of the Institute’s Board created the Prize Essay Contest. This became the General Prize...

  • Comment and Discussion

    Millennials Bring a New Mentality: Does it Fit?

    (See D. Cunningham, p. 10, August 2014 Proceedings)


  • Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - It's Time for a New Flying Warrant Officer Program
    By Commander Paul F. Campagna, U.S. Navy

    Junior officers (JOs) lament their inability to stay in the cockpit because career milestones take them from the tactical fight. They want to serve their nation and ply their trade, but not in a joint billet or as department head. The Navy should...

  • The Great COD Debate
    By Daniel Goure
    The Greyhound, long the Navy’s vehicle of choice for carrier on-board delivery, isn’t getting any younger. Will the service choose to modernize it, replace it, or go with a lesser-known third option?...
  • Integrated Fires for Contested Waters
    By Dave Majumdar
    The U.S. Navy’s carriers rose to prominence in the Pacific; if they’re forced to engage there again, the service’s new battle-network construct is designed guide the fight.

    The U.S. Navy...

  • U.S. Battle Force Aviation Changes
    Samuel Loring Morison

    Click on the link below to download or open a PDF from the September 2014 issue of Proceedings.

    U.S. Battle Force...

  • A Promising Thaw
    By William Hoverd, Christopher Paul, and Nick Nelson
    The relationship between New Zealand and the United States has seen ups and downs over the past 60 years, but the two countries have entered a new era characterized by the ability to agree to disagree.


  • Book Reviews

    Culture In Conflict: Irregular Warfare, Culture Policy, and the Marine Corps

    Paula Holmes-Eber. Stanford, CA: Stanford Security Studies, Stanford University Press, 2014. 249 pp. Illus. $24.95.

    Reviewed by Captain...

  • Professional Notes

    The Ultimate Startup: Commissioning a U.S. Navy Warship

    By Captain Fred W. Kacher and Commander Brandon Bryan, U.S. Navy

  • U.S. Navy - (Over)protecting the Navy's Secrets?
    By Norman Polmar

    For decades before Edward Snowden revealed the mass of secrets about National Security Agency activities, the most damaging revelations of American secrets probably came from Navy personnel, uniformed and civilian. These included the highly...

  • Oceans - A Better Path Between the Seas?
    By Don Walsh

    The first serious attempt to find a way from Europe to the “Indies” began with John Cabot in 1497, when he landed at what is now St. Johns, Newfoundland. Britain initially supported these explorations to avoid conflicts with the more...

  • World Naval Developments - Implausible Deniability
    By Norman Friedman

    In mid-July Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 017 was shot down by a Russian SA-11 missile while flying over the eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 on board. This incident seems likely to have far greater impact on Western relations with Russia than the...

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim

    In June Sri Lanka received its second Bay-class patrol boat from Australia. The ex-Hervey Bay, pictured here, has been renamed the Omaya and is the second unit of the class transferred to Sri Lanka. In April its navy received...

  • Lest We Forget - First Scouts
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Watching a Navy Hornet—with its vast array of electronic and hydraulic components that aid in flying and carrying out a wide variety of missions—come screaming out of the sky to slam down on the deck of a nuclear-powered carrier, it...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    In His Own Words: Lieutenant Matthew Hipple, USN

    I became involved with the Naval Institute as an ensign. A few interesting articles inspired me to write. I didn’t think the first article I submitted would be accepted! It was a...

  • From Our Archive

    ‘What a monstrous tail our cat has got!’ 

    Henry Carey (1687–1743)

    An F-14B Tomcat launches from the flight deck of the USS...


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