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2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest Second-Place Winner, Sponsored by HP



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    Throughout its history, Proceedings has always endeavored to be at the forefront of the latest developments in naval warfare. Whether it was the transition to the steel-and-steam-Navy of the late 19th century, the rise of the submarine,...

  • Now Hear This - Surface Warfare Is Already Part of Strategic Land Power
    By Lieutenant Commander Matthew Krull, U.S. Navy

    Much has been said about the 2013 white paper Strategic Landpower: Winning the Clash of Wills, a joint concept by the Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Many view it as an attempt to influence the Department of...

  • From the Deckplates - Perception Matters
    By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy, Retired

    During the past few years, negative headlines about the military have been littering the media, including print, television, and electronic. Many are from just the past several weeks or months. Every story is a concern individually, but the...

  • Special - 'The Voice of Mahan': The U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, 1890–1899
    By Captain Robert C. Rubel, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    Digitizing Proceedings

    Realizing an important strategic goal, the U.S. Naval Institute has just completed digitizing every issue of Proceedings published over 140 years. With the contents...

  • 'A New Era in Naval Warfare'
    By Vice Admiral Ted N. Branch, U.S. Navy
    Information dominance will be vital in future conflicts.

    Our Navy’s forward presence protects the interconnected global system of trade and reinforces the security of the U.S. economy. Our engagement...

  • Naval Constraints in a Joint Environment - 2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest Winner, Sponsored by HP
    By Lieutenant Peyton Price, U.S. Navy
    2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest Winner, Sponsored by HP

    The Navy’s experience shines light on the management and performance issues...
  • Time for the Next Revolution
    By Captain Patrick Molenda, U.S. Navy
    The “Admiral Turner Revolution” of the 1970s reinvigorated the Naval War College. Today, a similar transformation in the approach to officer education is needed.

    Recent events, both in our...

  • The Kids Are All Right
    By Major Carleton D. Forsling, U.S. Marine Corps
    Although the military spin machine laments the behavior of today’s junior officers and enlisted, it is leadership’s response to media that has changed for the worse, not the people.

    Recently, I...

  • Answering Mayday
    By William M. Beasley Jr.
    A modest plea for navalists: Sea power is essential to the nation—but sea power needs forceful, and vocal, advocates to enlighten the American public.

    Following the outbreak of World War I, President...

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  • Protect Our Cyberspace
    Captain Douglas A. Powers, U.S. Navy

    2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest Second-Place Winner, Sponsored by HP

  • The Joint Information Environment Exploits Cyberspace
    Lieutenant Nathan M. Rolfe, U.S. Navy Reserve

    2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest Third-Place Winner, Sponsored by HP

  • CEO Notes

    Earlier this year, the U.S. Naval Institute, with the generous sponsorship of Hewlett-Packard Corporation, issued a call for papers for the 2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest. Those entering the contest were invited to address the following...

  • Comment and Discussion

    Christened by Champagne, Challenged by Cost

    (See J. T. Manvel Jr. and D. Perin, pp. 42–47, May 2014 Proceedings)

  • Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - Humanities or STEM? It's a False Choice
    By Lieutenant Commander Joel I. Holwitt, U.S. Navy

    Lieutenant Alexander Smith's December 2012 Nobody Asked Me, But column “Don’t Say Goodbye to Intellectual Diversity,” detailing the impact of the tiered academic system on incoming naval officers, appropriately...

  • Equipping Commanders in the Information Age
    By Matthew Swartz and Captain Christopher Page, U.S. Navy
    The development and implementation of ‘Assured C2’ capabilities mean that naval officers can have confidence in any operating environment, whether physical or virtual.

    Ever since the late half...

  • Know the Environment, Know the Enemy, Know the Target
    By Rear Admiral Jonathan White and Rear Admiral Sean Filipowski, U.S. Navy
    For battlespace awareness, the second key component of information dominance, the Navy has multiple arrows in its operational quiver.

    Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert has described the U...

  • Integrated Fires
    By Margaret Palmieri
    The integrated-fires pillar of information dominance employs the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and cyberspace to deliver kinetic and non-kinetic effects at the times and places of our choosing.


  • Striking the Right Balance
    By Lieutenant Edward Wright, U.S. Navy
    To succeed as an increasingly diplomatic and peacekeeping military force, the Navy must prioritize technical and humanities majors more equally when educating future officers.

    After more than a decade of...

  • Book Reviews

    The Rise and Fall of Intelligence: An International Security History

    Michael Warner. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2014. 406 pp. Illus. Notes. Biblio. Index. $28.50.

    Reviewed by Captain Steven E....

  • Professional Notes

    Being Efficient with Bandwidth

    By Lieutenant Commander Steve Debich, Lieutenant Bruce Hill, Captain Scot Miller (Retired), U.S. Navy, and Dr. Don Brutzman

    Naval information dominance hinges on...

  • Oceans - Around the World the Hard Way
    By Don Walsh

    On 17 June, as the last rays of the sun illuminated the scene, a doubled-hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe, the 61-foot Hokulea, passed through the reef outside Honolulu, Hawaii. Her escort vessel, the similar 72-foot Hikianalia...

  • World Naval Developments - Beware the Cyber Spies
    By Norman Friedman

    In May, the U.S. government circulated a wanted poster showing five members of a shadowy Chinese cyber-espionage unit. No one expects any of them to turn up in a U.S. courtroom, but the object of the publicity was twofold. First, it was intended...

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim

    Australia has begun receiving the first of 12 LCM-1E landing craft planned for its growing amphibious fleet. These 76-foot landing craft have a beam of 21 feet and are being built in Spain by Navantia’s Puerto Real shipyard. The LCM-1Es are...

  • Lest We Forget - Weise and Pichette
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    On 4 June 1942 in the waters near Midway Atoll, three Japanese carriers—the Kaga, Akagi, and Soryu—were in flames and destined for the bottom of the sea. In a matter of minutes, the tide of the Pacific War...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    In His Own Words: Peter Edmondo

    The Navy is and always will be on the front line for America, whether by power projection or diplomacy. In my opinion, not enough civilians understand its worth. All they know is that a Navy costs a lot to...

  • From Our Archive

    ‘At the door of life by the gate of breath,
    There are worse things waiting for men than death.’ 

    —Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837–1909)


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