The Commanders Respond: Royal Canadian Navy

To that end, we earlier this year realigned a number of readiness and training processes, which had been duplicated among national and formation staffs, under new single pan-naval authorities. For example, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic was designated as the Canadian Forces Maritime Component Commander for all deployed operations, providing his advice to the new Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command. In the same vein, a new Director Canadian Submarine Force has been established in Maritime Forces Pacific, which will coordinate with training, personnel, and technical entities on both coasts to generate Canada’s submarine force. Other changes include a Director of New Capability Introduction, the consolidation of the navy’s four schools into a single Naval Training System, and the establishment of a Readiness Directorate to manage the tiered readiness of the east- and west-coast fleets, including development of operational schedules, as if they were a single entity.

The early results have been encouraging, as senior leaders learn new ways of working with one another. We’ve embarked on a journey of long-term transformation, and these changes are but the first steps. Success will be achieved by establishing a culture of continuous adaptation that preserves our strategic agility for the challenges of this inherently unpredictable and uncertain—but indisputably maritime—century.

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