Proceedings Magazine - December 2012 Vol. 138/12/1,318

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Future conflicts will be won in a new arena—that of the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace. We must merge, then master those realms.




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  • Editor's Page
    Editor's Page

    December is that time when we pause to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months while also looking ahead and preparing for the challenges to come in the new year. One certainly sees that theme in many of this issue’s...

  • CEO Notes
    CEO Notes

    As 2012 draws to a close, I want to highlight some of the achievements of the Naval Institute during a year of great progress. These have been made possible through the hard work of the Institute staff which has dedicated itself to turning the...

  • Comment & Discussion
    Comment and Discussion

    Haze Gray (Variegated), All the Way

    (See R. L. Crossland, p. 12, November 2012 Proceedings)


  • Another View
    by Ric Smith
  • Now Hear This - China/Japan Dispute Is No Gordian Knot
    By David D. Chen and Cary C. Chen

    The Senkaku/Diaoyu Tai Islands dispute between China and Japan has ramped up in a heated season of discontent, but given the position China has backed itself into through official pronouncements and military showmanship, Japan, Taiwan, and the...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - Is ‘Warrior’ the Right Word?
    By John Burgess

    I received my first copy of Proceedings in January 1962 and have been reading it ever since. Over those 50 years, successive editors have maintained a steady commitment to an open forum for discussion of the Sea Services. The themes have...

  • From the Deckplates - No Room for Amateurs
    By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    In November, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Mike Stevens distributed “Zeroing in on Excellence,” his guidance for the CPO Mess. He made many excellent points applicable at all levels of every service, and they deserve a wide...

  • Imminent Domain
    By Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, U.S. Navy
    Future conflicts will be won in a new arena—that of the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace. We must merge, then master those realms.

    The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is an essential, and...

  • Offshore Control is the Answer
    By Colonel T. X. Hammes, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
    In the highly unlikely event of conflict with China, the United States needs a strategy that plays to its strengths, minimizes the risks of nuclear escalation, and limits physical destruction.


  • The Coming Maritime Insurgent Century
    By Paul A. Povlock
    Lessons learned from the Sri Lankan Civil War suggest a growth industry for future Sea Tiger–type operators.

    A May Proceedings article by Under Secretary of the Navy Robert O. Work on the...

  • How We Fight
    By Rear Admiral Terry Kraft and Captain David Tyler, U.S. Navy
    Why we fight is the domain of policy makers. The ‘how’ in the equation belongs to warfighters.

    The geographical position of our country—centrally located between Europe and Asia with...

  • Yesterday's Lessons, or Yesterday's Legends?
    By James R. Holmes
    Amid the current War of 1812 bicentennial fanfare, it’s instructive to remember the cold water that Theodore Roosevelt and Alfred Thayer Mahan splashed on the triumphalist view of the conflict.


  • How to Build a Better Submarine
    By Captain John S. Heffron, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    Factors contributing to a successful shipbuilding program are varied and complex, as principal players in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom can attest.

    The success of the Virginia...

  • Cause for Alarm
    By Lieutenant James Drennan, U.S. Navy
    The Navy’s future leaders should go to General Quarters with so many commanding officers being in the headlines lately.

    A young submariner once wrote, “It is integrity that bonds the crew of a...

  • Geography or Time Don't Bind Sound (Naval) Ideas
    by Captain R. Robinson Harris, U.S. Navy (Retired)
  • Expediting the Supply Chain
    by Chief Petty Officer William Bishop, U.S. Navy

    Expediting the Supply Chain

    By Chief Petty Officer William Bishop, U.S. Navy
  • Humanitarian Missions Need Advanced Echelon Teams
    by Lieutenant Commander Casey Mahon, U.S. Navy

    Humanitarian Missions Need Advanced Echelon Teams

    By Lieutenant Commander Casey Mahon, U.S. Navy
  • What's Missing in Navy Personnel Performance?
    by Captain Neal A. Naito, U.S. Navy

    What’s Missing in Navy Personnel Performance?

    By Captain Neal A. Naito, U.S. Navy
  • Ethics Can Be Taught
    By A. Edward Major, Colonel Lee DeRemer, U.S. Air Force (Retired), and Lieutenant Colonel David G. Bolgiano, U.S. Air Force (Retired)
    Strategic leaders are made, not born—and a good place to train solid moral and ethical officers is the Senior Service College system.

    In a May 2011 article in Army Times, Sergeant Ashley...

  • Coming Home
    By Rear Admiral C. Forrest Faison III, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy
    This era’s returning wounded warriors get decent care, but it could be better. What’s needed now is a public-private partnership combining vision and strategy. Here’s how we can begin.


  • Book Reviews

    Scooter: The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story

    Tommy H. Thomason. Manchester, UK: Crécy Publishing, 2011. 276 pp. Illus. Notes. $44.95.

    Reviewed by Colonel Robert Hickerson, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

  • Professional Notes

    Expediting the Supply Chain

    By Chief Petty Officer William Bishop, U.S. Navy

    Moving merchandise from a manufacturer to the consumer is critical in business and can spell the difference between success and failure...

  • Naval Systems - New Work Under Way for ASW Torpedo Program
    By Edward J. Walsh

    The U.S. Navy this fall exercised the first option of a contract awarded last year to Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business unit for production of Mk-54 lightweight antisubmarine (ASW) torpedo kits. The option, valued at $45.3...

  • U.S. Navy - The Ohio Replacement Program: Is There an Alternative?
    By Norman Polmar

    What is the state of the Navy’s program to develop a follow-on to the current Trident strategic missile submarines—the SSBN(X)? There appears to be two answers: “very good” and “very bad.”...

  • World Naval Developments - Missile Defense Steals the Show
    By Norman Friedman<p>

    Perhaps the most surprising development at October’s Euronaval show in Paris was the public interest in naval ballistic-missile defense displayed by several important companies, presumably reflecting new official interest. The U.S. Navy has...

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim

    In early November the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) returned home to Norfolk, Virginia, to prepare for her December 2012 inactivation. Her final deployment lasted seven and a half months, during which time she steamed nearly...

  • Lest We Forget - The Other Enemy
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)<p>

    On 13 February 1945, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz wrote:

    Three destroyers . . . went down with practically all hands . . . serious damage was sustained by [five aircraft carriers, one...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    Admiral Robert Kramek Oral History Is Available

    The Naval Institute has just released the oral history of Admiral Robert E. Kramek, 20th Commandant of the Coast Guard and 40-year Institute member, in which he discusses his career and...

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    ‘All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.’


    François Fénelon  (1651–1715)

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