The Commanders Respond: Nigerian Navy

Preference for multirole offshore-patrol vessels, sealift capability, and coastal/inshore patrol craft sits well with our strategic objectives. So do many projects aimed at improving maintenance capacity and developing new bases to reduce our response time. Enhanced capacity for remote maritime domain surveillance is also a critical focus in the exploitation of new technologies. In addition to recent activation of new platform construction locally and abroad, we rely on excess capacity releases from friendly governments. Significantly, future acquisitions will be guided by joint-venture arrangements aimed at achieving cost savings and using local production capacity.

Apart from improving personnel efficiency, the objectives of the ten-year program recognize interagency and internavy cooperation. The predominant requirement for policing operations propels the current drive for effective synergy with sister armed services and relevant national agencies. The relationships emphasize efficient operational coordination and resource sharing. So far, the new mechanisms are encouraging. The presence of Nigerian patrol ships in the Republic of Benin waters since September 2011, under the combined antipiracy Operation Prosperity, reinforces our practical commitment to internavy synergy. The same goes for our active participation in the annual Exercise Obangame with neighboring navies to the east. We hosted the 2012 edition in February.

In sum, the Nigerian Navy looks forward to improved support for its recapitalization program while remaining committed to optimal exploitation of cost-effective technologies and efficient partnerships.

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