The Commanders Respond: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Based on those situations, strategic objectives in the immediate future include placing more stress on the construction of security environments at both the regional and global level, particularly with regard to the maintenance of free and open maritime access above and beyond the defense of Japan.

To achieve those goals, Japan will maintain a force of well-trained officers and sailors and continue to acquire high-end equipment, deploying them together in joint operations. Despite recent financial difficulties, the JMSDF will build a dynamic force reinforced with advanced technologies and intelligence capabilities to promote the following two measures as a leading regional navy.

First, we will construct a defensive force that can continue to effectively deter aggression as well as respond to contingencies. Doing that is complicated by the fact that the potential warning time for confronting a crisis is shortened by exponential advances in military technology, which can give an aggressor significant advantages. Thus, comprehensive operational performance is imperative in responding quickly and seamlessly. The key to achieving that is multi-layered enhancement of intelligence and surveillance.

The alliance between Japan and the United States is key to those activities and is the foundation for the common good throughout the region. The JMSDF will maintain its high-end capability to reinforce cooperation and coordination with the U.S. Navy, including strengthening and improving interoperability for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and antisubmarine warfare.

Secondly, the JMSDF will continue outreach activities in peacetime engagements as a means to contribute to regional and global maritime security. In cooperation with other navies, we intend to advance our maritime-security initiative in areas such as counterpiracy operations and humanitarian aid/disaster response—endeavors that contribute to the maintenance and reinforcement of a free and open maritime order.

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