The Commanders Respond: Chilean Navy

In the middle and short term, decisions at the budgetary level have enabled us to encourage cooperation with other military and civilian organizations—both national and international—through maritime security cooperation and joint and combined training. Those initiatives let us maximize interoperability and achieve the operational excellence needed to manage the deterrence level our national plan requires.

Likewise, the effective and efficient use of resources represents a prime concern for us, as that has a major effect on the spheres of operations for our navy, marines, and coast guard. In that sense, we are committed to implement modern and comprehensive management to our infrastructure and processes, thus contributing to better feedback for planning and a more rigorous system budget formulation and execution.

Aware of the fundamental role played by technologies in the previously mentioned processes, we are taking all necessary steps to acquire standardized matériel and promote standardization in our logistics-critical industries. Additionally, we are looking at the possibility of incorporating renewable energies, adapting commercial technologies, and strengthening joint projects, all of which are expected to bring financial benefits.

Finally, our personnel also deserve special attention. We believe that well-prepared and motivated individuals are vital to achieve our goals. Consequently, we work hard to optimize knowledge-management and improve the quality of our education programs, to meet college-level standards. We want to modernize and upgrade so the navy is an attractive career path, one that draws young men and women who want to be part of an institution capable of adapting to an ever-changing world, preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, preserving its traditional underlying values, and always taking pride in the actions of its valuable personnel.

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23 February - Seminar

Sat, 2019-02-23

David F. Winkler

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Sun, 2019-03-03

Stephen A. Bourque

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