The Commanders Respond: Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf - German Navy

Despite those major changes, NATO will remain the fundamental cornerstone of Germany’s future security and defense policy. Forming the link between two continents, it provides unique political and military instruments for the maintenance and restoration of peace.

In the long run, all global challenges confronting our security and safety cannot be met by a single nation alone. From the perspective of the German Navy, the fundamental issues of global security can be addressed only in combined efforts. The prerequisite for this is mutual trust between maritime partners as well as an effective trans-Atlantic alliance. I am fully in line with Admiral Gary Roughead’s conviction that the best defense against opponents is not weapons, but friends. It is that bond between the United States and the German Navy which will continue to hold true in our common future.

As far as the realignment of the world’s power structure is concerned, the German Navy has learned during the past two decades that former opponents may transform into allies, partners, and friends in very short periods of time.

Regardless, the German Navy will strive to cultivate its strong and well-established bond with the U.S. Navy. Furthermore, we will also pursue the further deepening of our relations with old as well as new allies and our friends in NATO, the European Union, and other multinational organizations.



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