The Commanders Respond: Admiral Noman Bashir - Pakistan Navy

That being so, the United States cannot afford to turn its back on the Indian Ocean. Nor is the maritime security of the region such that the United States should consider a reduced presence there. The U.S. military leadership seems fully cognizant of that. Just two years ago we saw the formation of Combined Task Force 151, created exclusively to combat piracy in Gulf of Aden. The United States also is considering establishment of a base as an alternate to Diego Garcia, which could be returned to Mauritius in 2016. While remaining a dominant power, America will nonetheless leverage the sea power of allies and partners. The U.S. Navy will become a coalition builder.

Pakistan will be directly and substantially affected and involved in the future maritime order of our region. We have the wherewithal and capability for long haul maritime operations in the area. Our consistent participation in International Maritime Coalitions since 2004 lends credence to this claim. Over a period of time, our sustained reach and poise in the area has increased, thus giving us an inherent advantage among other coalition maritime forces. In addition, our navy enjoys unique standing in the region whereby it is favorably disposed with virtually all the navies involved. The Pakistan Navy can be aneffective facilitator of peace in the region.



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