The Commanders Respond: Admiral Nirmal Verma - Indian Navy

The Indian Navy sees its primary role as ensuring regional peace and stability to enable India to focus on achieving her ambitious socio-economic and development goals. Since India is critically dependent on unhindered flow of seaborne trade and energy for this, the Indian Navy is a crucial component of the national security architecture.

The navy’s external engagement vision is based on the twin principles of cooperative security and shared prosperity. It has friendly bilateral relations with almost all IOR navies and invests resources and effort in bilateral and multilateral assistance programs to augment the security requirements of a number of countries. It views itself as a “force for good” in the region, as its initiative to launch the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) in 2008 to promote constructive engagement and enhance regional maritime security would demonstrate. Today, 35 member countries of IONS are working through a consensual, participative and cooperative approach to evolve agreed remedies for regional maritime security matters.

The Indian Navy has very cordial relations with the U.S. Navy and our partnership is demonstrated through regular exchange of ideas, combined exercises and sharing of technology. This relationship is a manifestation of our shared ideals of democracy, tolerance, freedom and the rule of law. I can only see our partnership growing in strength in the years ahead.



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