The Commanders Respond: Admiral Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza - Mexican Navy

For the Mexican Navy, the fact of a possible decrease in the global naval engagement of the United States represents two opportunities, both aimed at obtaining more and better resources to address threats of terrorism, drug-trafficking and weapons coming from other areas of the world, and also from the same continent, that are threats to our national security and that of the states that form the North American region and the Central American sub region.

The first one is a result of the geostrategic position of Mexico and the common strategic interests with the United States that will affect and stimulate the development of Mexican naval power at the sub-regional level, through an increase in the detection and response capabilities of the Mexican Navy; at the regional level, it is expected that the partnership that will create mutual-responsibility policies to face emerging threats.

The second one is a result of a diminishing in the U.S. Navy that is focusing its attention on regional security, using information to enable the Mexican Navy to combat emerging threats by itself or in collaboration and coordination with countries in the region.

Finally, at this time the relationship between both navies is characterized by cooperation and coordination efforts on strategic, operational, tactical and logistical aspects, to maintain security in the region. Nevertheless, these efforts need to be increased through the coordination of new strategies to face asymmetric conflicts, strengthening maritime security ties to America.



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