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March 2010
Over the past few months our pages have been the home of one of the perennial naval debates: the value and vulnerability of the aircraft carrier. It will no doubt ...

Admiral Noman Bashir - Pakistan Navy

March 2010
Admiral Noman Bashir—Pakistan Navy As the world begins to slowly recover from the worst economic crisis of the last 80 years, I seriously doubt if the global defense industry and ...

Admiral Nirmal Verma - Indian Navy

March 2010
Admiral Nirmal Verma—Indian Navy Fortunately for us, the effect of the global economic downturn has been negligible, and the Indian Navy has been able to move forward with its force ...

Vice Admiral Il Ibrahim - Nigerian Navy

March 2010
Vice Admiral Il Ibrahim—Nigerian Navy The dawn of the 21st century witnessed significant changes in global security dynamics that led to the emergence of numerous security challenges and redefined maritime ...

Admiral Rolando Navarrete - Peruvian Navy

March 2010
Admiral Rolando Navarrete—Peruvian Navy The Peruvian Ministry of Defense, to accomplish the mission entrusted to the armed forces while preserving and enhancing current capabilities, developed an intermediate-term vision of its ...

Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier - French Navy

March 2010
Admiral Pierre-François Forissier—French Navy The economic downturn required that priorities be established, which inevitably led to budget choices and, for France's defense, to operational as well as capabilities choices. Regarding ...

Admiral Fernando Melo Gomes - Portuguese Navy

March 2010
Admiral Fernando Melo Gomes—Portuguese Navy Like other nations, the global economic downturn is also affecting Portugal, including our navy. Nevertheless, we tend to believe that all growth and development fundamentals ...

Admiral Ugur Yigit - Turkish Navy

March 2010
Admiral Ugur Yigit—Turkish Navy Turkey, a crucial player in both regional and global economies, has endured the consequences of the recent financial crisis. With looming cuts in resource allocations and ...

Admiral Igor Tenuykh - Ukrainian Navy

March 2010
Admiral Igor Tenuykh—Ukrainian Navy By all accounts the world economic crisis has had a significant impact on all spheres of activity in our country, including its armed forces. The 2009 ...

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope - Royal Navy

March 2010
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope—Royal Navy My expectation, as the United Kingdom grapples with its significant public funding gap, is that defense spending will increasingly be prioritized toward the investment required ...

Proceedings Digital Edition

March 2010
A digital edition of the March issue of Proceedings is available for current USNI members to view. The magazine image below is a link to the online magazine and will ...

Vice Admiral Juha Rannikko - Finnish Navy

March 2010
Vice Admiral Juha Rannikko—Finnish Navy For Finland, maritime connections continue to be of primary commercial, military, and politico-environmental importance to the nation's well being and security. The Finnish Navy is ...

Comment & Discussion

March 2010
Too Busy to Learn(See R. H. Scales, pp. 30-35, February 2010 Proceedings)Dr. S. Mike Pavelec, Associate Professor of Strategic Studies, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Maxwell ...
U.S. Navy (Lily Daniels)

World Naval Developments: Danger on the Waterfront

By Norman Friedman
March 2010
The aftermath of January's Haitian earthquake dramatized an obvious but largely forgotten feature of the global maritime trade system: the uniqueness and vulnerability of container port facilities.Naval strategists point out ...
U.S. Navy (Hamilton Felt)

Now Hear This: It's Time for a Sleet Fleet

By Peter von Bleichert
March 2010
The vast Arctic Ocean encompasses some 5,427,000 square miles, with 28,200 miles of coastline fringing the landmasses of Eurasia, Greenland, North America, and several islands. Underinternational law, no one country ...
U.S. Navy (Joseph Ebalo)

From the Deckplates: Take the $ Out of Mentor$

By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2010
Recent backlash about the military senior mentor program has raised some important questions. The legality of employing retired flag and general officers as mentors, while most are also senioremployees of ...
U.S. Navy (Joshua J. Wahl)

Got Sea Control?

By Captain Victor G. Addison Jr., U.S. Navy and Commander David Dominy, Royal Navy
March 2010
Even the most powerful blue-water naval force may experience a rude awakening when venturing into the littorals.

World Navies in Review

By Eric Wertheim
March 2010
The editor of The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World takes a region-by-region and nation-by-nation look at international naval developments over the past year.
Eunavfor Public Affairs Office

Atalanta Rising

By Lieutenant Commander Matthew M. Frick, U.S. Navy
March 2010
Around the Horn of Africa, the European Unions ongoing anti-piracy operation holds greater appeal than NATO for many nations joining in the fight.

Book Reviews

March 2010
Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security StateGarry Wills. New York: Penguin Press, 2010. 278 pp. $27.95Reviewed by Bernard I. FinelGarry Wills' provocative Bomb Power: The Modern ...
U.S. Navy (Shanika L. Futrell)

Professional Notes

March 2010
Communicating Strategically in South AmericaBy Lieutenant Robert McFarlin, USNThe historic, joint Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower presents six strategic imperatives. In addition to traditional missions, naval forces are now ...
National Geophysical Data Center

Oceans: Fire and Ice

By Don Walsh
March 2010
In the past few years the question of who owns the Arctic Ocean has become the subject of much discussion and even some fiery rhetoric. Experts point out that the ...
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By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2010
He is a U.S. senator. He was once the Secretary of the Navy and an Assistant Secretary of Defense. He is an accomplished writer with a number of very successful ...

From Our Archive

March 2010
'As sure as a gun.'John Dryden (1631-1700)A century ago, gunners in the steel navy labored below decks in an environment not much different from that of their oak-and-sail brethren. This ...
U.S. Navy (Daniel Edgington)

New Naval Concerns for India

By Vice Admiral Premvir Das (Retired), Indian Navy
March 2010
The 26 November 2008 amphibious assault on Mumbai shows how nations must collaborate on maritime security.

Commander Fernand Maxime Ahoyo - Benin Navy

March 2010
Commander Fernand Maxime Ahoyo—Benin Navy The global economic crisis has affected many American institutions including its navy, and because of its world character, it strongly affected the Benin treasury. Because ...

Admiral Edmundo Gonzalez Robles - Chilean Navy

March 2010
Admiral Edmundo González Robles—Chilean Navy Globalization has introduced significant political, strategic, and economic changes, which are characterized by the increase of connectivity, uncertainty, and new types of risks, among others. ...

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