Admiral Keiji Akahoshi - Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Three cornerstone principles have been identified for the way ahead to appropriately build up and operate the maritime defense capability necessary for sustaining our living and economic conditions as well as ensuring Japan's peace and security.

First, it is important to enhance the interoperability between the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) and the U.S. Navy in support of the Japan-U.S. alliance. The JMSDF has contributed to ensure the security of Japan as well as stability of the region. Furthermore, we need to strengthen our relationship to develop more capable and effective responses to diverse contingencies. We will accomplish this by building a maritime defense capability that complements that of the U.S. Navy and improving interoperability through joint exercises and training.

Second, we will cooperate with navies around the world. As Japan's economy is connected to the world through the sea lines of communication, it is impossible for the JMSDF to independently patrol all of those areas. In conjunction with other nations, the defense force will build a security environment in the SLOCs and surrounding areas throughout the world by enhancing friendships and conducting joint exercises and training.

Finally, we must carefully prioritize and allocate limited resources. Because of finite material and human resources, the JMSDF needs to build an efficient and effective force structure based on our current capabilities and concentrating resources. As our force size and its range of operation are limited, we must maximize the efficiency of these resources through mission analysis.

It is essential for us to ensure maritime security. The global economic downturn is significantly affecting the build-up of JMSDF's defense capability in terms of budget. To tackle this difficult situation, we sincerely hope that the JMSDF further strengthens ties with the U.S. Navy and reinforces cooperation with world navies that share common concerns. The JMSDF will contribute to ensure maritime security by further effective use of limited resources.


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