Admiral General Manuel Rebollo Garcia - Spanish Navy

This, which we call "readiness adapted to mission," represents a real shift in our old concept of having a very high readiness for the complete range of missions of the naval force. In this sense, we will give particular attention to maritime security operations such as Atalanta in the Indian Ocean, as well as our commitments to our allies.

Budgetary cuts have forced us to postpone the modernization of some units and to cancel some minor materiel procurement programs, while we keep the major units and programs on schedule as planned. Thus, the new multi-role ship Juan Carlos I and the combat logistic support ship Cantabria will be commissioned in 2010, and construction of our fifth Aegis frigate, the S-80-series submarines, and the new maritime action ships are also under way.

From an organizational viewpoint, steps have been taken to attain higher efficiency and effectiveness, along with subsequent cost reduction. Thus, in December 2009 the three components of the Spanish Navy—the Maritime Action Force, Naval Action Force, and Marine Corps—have integrated into a single structure: the fleet. This new organization is also intended to optimize assets devoted to readiness, training, evaluation, and certification of units and commands.

Therefore, these aspects—efficient maintenance and training, selective upgrading, and optimized organization—are the main points on which we have focused our efforts to face today's economic situation.


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