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Robert Timberg
May 2007
In a cover story titled "Cheating Our Vets: How the Pentagon is shortchanging wounded soldiers" in the April 16 issue of U.S. News & World Report, reporter Linda Robinson ...

Comment and Discussion

May 2007
"Challenges for the New Maritime Strategy"(See W. J. Holland, pp. 14-18, April 2007 Proceedings)Vice Admiral John G. Morgan, U.S. Navy-Admiral Holland's article is spot on. He has illuminated the challenge. ...
U.S. SOUTHCOM (Robert Miller)

Sailing in Southern Waters: A New Wind

By Admiral James Stavridis, U. S. Navy
May 2007
The commanding officer of Southern Command, the first Navy officer to hold that post, tells how he plans to deal with drug-running, human trafficking, and anti-American populism.

Commanding at the Operational Level

By Rear Admiral Jacob L. Shuford, USN
May 2007
The president of the Naval War College discusses a reshaping of the school's curriculum designed to reclaim the lost art of command and control.

Notable Naval Books of 2006

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, USN (Ret.)
May 2007
Our annual rundown of the previous year's 20 best books for Sea Service professionals covers the literary waterfront.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

By Commander David Adams, USN
May 2007
Instead of Iraqi Freedom-style regime change, we should adopt a strategy that preempts threats ala Carl von Clausewitz and masters the maritime principles championed by Alfred Thayer Mahan.

Shipbuilding Crisis Continues

By Admiral Henry Mauz U.S. Navy (Retired), and George Sawyer
May 2007
Despite positive steps taken by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen, shipbuilding remains in a critical state. By fencing the Ship Construction Navy (SCN) budget and laying out a ...

The Right Navy at the Right Time

By Lieutenant Commander Richard D. Butler, U.S. Navy
May 2007
The new maritime strategy has a vital task: communicate the Navy's continued relevance to the nation.As part of its role in supporting the National Security Strategy, the U.S. Navy ...

U.S. Navy in Review

By Scott C. Truver, with Julie Scrafford
May 2007
Carrier and amphibious strike groups deployed worldwide during 2006. some on routine schedules, others responding to surge requirements under the still-evolving Fleet Response Plan. All of this activity was tor ...

2006 U.S. Naval Aviation and Weapon Development

By Commander Jan C. Jacobs, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired)
May 2007
The year 2006 for naval aviation was one of welcome aboard for some and farewell to others. One community-fighter-went away, one-sea control-was being whittled away, and two others-strike-fighter and airborne ...

The U.S. Marine Corps in Review

By Colonel Mackubin T. Owens Jr., U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
May 2007
In 2006, the Marine Corps confirmed its reputation as the world's most flexible, agile, and capable expeditionary force. The performance of U.S. Marines at every level proved that soldierly virtue ...

U.S. Coast Guard in Review

By Captain Bruce B. Stubbs, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
May 2007
The U.S. Coast Guard is undergoing a massive and unprecedented effort to completely restructure itself around Iwo themes: mission execution and mission support. With little fanfare. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral ...

The Coast Guard's Year

By Joseph DiRenzo III and Chris Doane
May 2007
The new Coast Guard maritime strategy notes that "maritime safety, security, and stewardship are the enduring roles of the Coast Guard. These roles reflect long-standing responsibilities assigned to the Coast ...

U.S. Merchant Marine and World Maritime Review

By Shashi N. Kumar, Master Mariner
May 2007
Whatever happened to the typical short cycles in shipping markets? The industry seems to be defying conventional wisdom. Many respected analysts have since 2005 been forecasting imminent gloom, but any ...

Battle Force Changes

By Sam Morrison
May 2007
Date Name (Hull No.) Comments 14 Jan San Antonio (LPD-17 In Commission, Full at Ingleside, TX. HomeportNorfolk, VA. 28 Jan Farragut (DDG-99) In Commission, Special. 28 Jan Forrest Sherman (DDG-98) ...

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim, Editor, <i>Combat Fleets of the World</i>
May 2007
Progress on the German K 130 corvette program is proceeding well and on 29 March the third unit of the class, Erfurt, pictured right, was christened at Nordseewerke shipyard ...

Lest We Forget: Uriah Levy, VF-142

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
May 2007
Uriah Levy One does not expect a naval officer who has been court-martialed six times to go on to command the Mediterranean Fleet and retire as a commodore. But Uriah ...

Naval Institute Foundation

May 2007
Foundation NewsThe generosity of thousands of supporters—individuals, corporations, and foundations—is boosting the Naval Institute's success as the knowledge leader in maritime and defense issues. Contributions underwrite conferences, essay and ...