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I promised last month to explain why we ran an article on the Senate race in Virginia between Republican incumbent George Allen and Democratic challenger James Webb. I will. First, though, I want...



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  • Editor's Page
    By Robert Timberg, Editor-in-Chief

    I promised last month to explain why we ran an article on the Senate race in Virginia between Republican incumbent George Allen and Democratic challenger James Webb. I will. First, though, I want to give a much deserved thanks to Chris Michel, a...

  • Message from the CEO: USNI Operations Center/Generals Highway Update
    By Thomas L. Wilkerson Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired) Chief Executive Officer

    CEO Letter to Members #1-07
    USNI Operations Center/Generals Highway Update

    Fellow Members of the Naval Institute, I write to share some good news with you about the USNI portfolio...

  • Comment and Discussion

    "Time for a First-Rate Joint Staff College"

    (See. Hanley. pp. 26-30. December 2006 Proceedings)

  • Firing on the Up Roll: More Troubled Times Ahead for the Pentagon
    By Harlan Ullman

    Here is a prediction not self-evident. The last two years of the Bush administration will prove as turbulent, chaotic, and difficult tor the Pentagon as did the first six. Three points underscore this contrarian forecast.

  • The Coalition of Enlightened States
    By Major General Robert H. Scales, USA (Ret.), and Colonel Robert Killebrew, USA (Ret.)

    Defeating Islamic radicals will require patience and partnership with other nations, not unilateral action.


  • What I Learned in Command at Sea
    By Captain Charles M. Gaouette, USN

    A veteran skipper offers valuable lessons from the bridge.

  • What's an SWO Badge Worth?
    By Captain A. Lee Kaiss, USN (Ret.)

    Not too many years ago, the surface warfare community had it right with Destroyer School. It was a victim of its own success. Today, there is nothing like it—at least nothing that does the job as well.

  • Extending the Navy's Shield: Sea-Based Ballistic-Missile Defense
    By Rear Admiral Alan B. Hicks, USN

    The Navy's Aegis fleet plays a key role in the nation's ballistic missile defense network.

  • Building the Next Nelson
    By Captain Stephen F. Davis Jr., U.S. Navy
    Newly minted ensigns need more than just computer-based training as they join the Fleet.

    Nearly ten years ago, in a Proceedings article entitled "Let's Fix SWOS for Good," I advocated a series of...

  • Crossing Swords: "Let Us Pray"
    By Lieutenant Gordon James Klingenschmitt, CHC, USNR, and Steven L. Smith

    "The government cannot tell chaplains how to pray (not even in school) nor exclude chaplains who pray 'the wrong way.'"

    Lieutenant Gordon James Klingenschmitt, CHC, U.S. Navy Reserve

  • A Day in the Life: Marines in Ramadi
    By David J. Danelo

    A former Marine returns to Iraq to get a grunt's-eye view of the fighting.

    7800, 8 Nov 2006:

    Camp Hurricane Point

    It's sunset and I'm inside a SWA hut at Camp Hurricane Point in Ramadi. which was once a...

  • 1,000-Ship Navy and Maritime Strategy
    By Commander Bryan G. McGrath, U.S. Navy

    Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen has challenged U.S. maritime forces to devise a strategy for and of our time, while nearly simultaneously challenging the world's navies, coast guards, and maritime industries to move to a higher...

  • A New Era of Realistic, Practical Training
    By Captain James J. Shannon, USN, Commander William Johnson, USN, and Rene Thomas-Rizzo

    The fine art of navigation, seamanship, and shiphandling demands that the nuances of ship movement in all conditions be properly addressed. A new-generation simulation system featuring lifelike visuals and a standard database is bringing...

  • LCS: A Step, Not an End
    By Rear Admiral W. J. Holland Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Is the LCS really the next generation of surface combatant or just a test platform for a successor?

  • Making the 1,000-Ship Navy a Reality
    By Captain Bruce B. Stubbs, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

    Given the nature of international maritime threats, the U.S. Coast Guard can make a major security contribution to the network currently advocated by the U.S. and many foreign navies.

  • Nobody Asked Me, But We Must Reconnect with Our Sailors
    By Commander Michael McCartney, U.S. Navy

    The last 20 years have seen a dramatic shift in the mentality of the Sailors in the U.S. Navy. They are smarter and more focused on their future. While they still joined the Navy to see the world, they are generally more attached to home and less...

  • Professional Notes

    360-Degree Feedback: Can We Handle the Truth?
    By Captain Mike Lambert, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Early in October 2004, Navy Newsstand announced that the surface community had launched the 360-Degree Feedback Program. The...

  • Book Reviews

    The Influence of Mahan Upon Sea Power

    Power at Sea

    Lisle A. Rose. Columbia. MO: University of Missouri Press, 2006. 1,296 pp. in three volumes. Illus. Notes. Bib. $59.85.

    From Mahan...

  • Royal Navy: Were There Missing Nukes?
    By Norman Polmar

    When British warships raced southward 25 years ago in response to the Argentine assault on the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, several of those ships carried nuclear weapons. During the ensuing conflict, a number of British ships were sunk,...

  • Oceans: Losing Its Cool
    By Don Walsh

    The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the Earth's five oceans. In recent years its surrounding commental kind masses have wanned rapidly. The consequences of this will he profound. The Arctic is now heating up twice as fast as...

  • World Naval Developments: Back in the Surveillance Game
    By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

    On 26 October 2006 a Chinese Song-class diesel-powered attack submarine was seen on the surface near the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), beyond the ship's horizon but reportedly within torpedo range. The Kitty Hawk battle group was...

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim, Editor, <i>Combat Fleets of the World</i>

    Much has been written in recent months concerning the bilateral training effort between the U.S Navy's antisubmarine forces and the Swedish attack submarine HMS Gotland, which has been exercising with...

  • Lest We Forget: Commander Holloway H. Frost, VA-145
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Commander Holloway H. Frost

    In early 1935, a curious phrase appeared in print. It said, "the U.S. Naval Institute has been deFrosted." These odd words (both in meaning and spelling) were not reporting some major change in tone...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    Taussig Family Takes the Lead

    The idea is simple: Give soon-to-be commissioned ensigns and second lieutenants a professional leg up as they prepare to join the Fleet by granting gratis membership in the Naval Institute for one year.

  • From Our Archive: WAVE Disembarks USS Missouri

    In a scene that foreshadowed by 11 years Marilyn Monroe's cooling subway breeze in The Seven Year Itch, Yeoman Third-Class Betty Martin exits the rear hatch of a 5-inch/38-caliber gun mount. The WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer...

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