Editor's Page

By Robert Timberg
March 2006
March brings our annual International Navies issue in which the CNOs or their equivalent in nations as near as Canada and as distant as Indonesia respond to a question put ...

Comment and Discussion

March 2006
"What Has 35 Years of Acquisition Reform Accomplished?"(See T. Christie, pp. 30-35, February 2006 Proceedings)Sherman N. Mullin, Retired President, Lockheed Skunk Works-Not much, which Christie documents well. Why? To the ...

Iraq Withdrawal: A Tragedy in Slow Motion

By Colonel Norvell B. De Atkine, USA (Ret.)
March 2006
According to an expert on Middle Eastern political-military affairs, a hasty pull-out from Iraq is not the best strategy-for the security of the region and the world.

Back to the Future

By Norman Polmar
March 2006
Since potential enemies deploy mostly less-expensive conventional submarines, should the United States buy some of them, at least for practice?

The Commanders Respond

March 2006
Chiefs of 25 of the world's navies, from Canada to Indonesia, answer the question: What do you think of the concept of "the 1,000-Ship Navy," advanced in the November Proceedings?

World Navies in Review

By Eric Wertheim, Editor, <i>Combat Fleets of the World</i>
March 2006
The editor of The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at international naval developments over the past year.

Multi-Tasking Subs

By Merrick Carey
March 2006
The nation's submarine force is running at flank speed on multiple fronts. Submarines are making critical contributions to the Global War on Terror. The community is looking toward increasing the ...

A Friendly Enemy

By Norman Polmar
March 2006
An unlikely sparring partner for the U.S. NavyThe U.S. Navy-with the world's largest and most powerful operational fleet-has acquired a small Swedish submarine to help it learn how to fight ...

The "Nickel Boat" Keeps Going, and Going…

By Norman Polmar
March 2006
A brief history of the Navy's last non-nuclear subUSS Dolphin (AGSS-555) is the U.S. Navy's oldest operational submarine and-more significant-its only non-nuclear submarine. The "Nickel Boat," so known for her ...

A Toast to the POW's Host

By Joe McCain
March 2006
Orson Swindle and Paul Galanti were looking for a place to hold a "Tet Dinner" so former American POWs could commune and celebrate the Vietnamese New Year in 1986.Swindle, a ...

How Does a Guy Get a Seat at This Table?

By Lieutenant (junior grade) Jim Dolbow, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
March 2006
It's time for the Coast Guard commandant—soon to be Katrina-hardened Vice Admiral Thad Allen—to become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.When President Bush tapped Vice Admiral Thad ...

Annapolis: The Movie

By David J. Danelo
March 2006
Is that Bancroft Hall or the Philadelphia Art Museum?Bottom line up front: Annapolis is not going to win any Oscars. Take a spoonful of An Officer and a Gentleman, Top ...

Rush-Bagot: An Old Treaty Gets Dusted Off

By Lieutenant Vasilios Tasikas, U.S. Coast Guard
March 2006
When relations warmed between Britain and the United States after the War of 1812, the two nations struck a deal for controlling arms on the U.S.-Canadian maritime border.Just more ...

Whither the Flattops?

By Captain Gordon A. S. C. Wilson, Royal Navy (Retired)
March 2006
Beset by political infighting and rising costs, the Royal Navy's new generation of aircraft carriers faces an uncertain future.The Royal Navy's most important-and in some respects most controversial-program is ...

Two Plans that Need to Come Together

By Mr. Chris Doane and Mr. Joe DiRenzo III
March 2006
A serious gap exists between the National Search and Rescue (SAR) Plan and the National Response Plan. These two plans govern federal rescue actions in response to incidents and disasters ...

Preparing for Littoral Battle

By Rear Admiral George R. Worthington, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2006
Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England recently directed the Joint Staff to conduct a study aimed at integrating special operations forces (SOF) with the new littoral combat ship (LCS). This ...

A New Model for Strike Group Command and Control

By Commander Danelle Barrett, U.S. Navy
March 2006
To improve command and control (C2) of naval forces within the new expeditionary and carrier strike groups, we must ensure that communications infrastructure and information management processes evolve to facilitate ...

Book Reviews

March 2006
Inside the Resistance: The Iraqi Insurgency and the Future of the Middle East Zaki Chehab. New York: Nation Books, 2005. 368 pp. Index. $26.00.Reviewed by David J. DaneloFor ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems
March 2006
Israel Purchases German SubmarinesGermany will build two more diesel-electric submarines for Israel, supplementing their three existing Dolphin-class boats (apparently a third new submarine is projected, but it has not ...

Ernest E. Evans & VX-8

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2006
Ernest E. Evans On 27 October 1943, a short, barrel-chested, full-blooded Cherokee Indian in a Navy lieutenant commander's uniform stepped to a podium in a Seattle shipyard. Ernest E. Evans ...

Naval Institute Foundation

March 2006
In Appreciation: Earl F. RippeeIn mid-January, the Naval Institute lost one of its most dedicated friends, Captain Earl Rippee of Newport Beach, California. For half of his 85 years, Earl ...

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