Editor's Page

By Robert Timberg
January 2006
We are pleased to welcome the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Mullen, to Proceedings. His article, "What I Believe: Eight Tenets that Guide My Vision of the 21st Century ...

Comment and Discussion

January 2006
"Navy Medicine in Critical Condition"(See J. Rappold, pp. 25-27, December 2005 Proceedings)Rear Admiral John M. Mateczun, MC, U.S. Navy, Deputy Surgeon General-Dr. Rappold is a great physician but his assessment ...

Martian Alert!

By Colonel Mark A. Brilakis, USMC
January 2006
Has anyone bothered to identify the enemy our high-priced ships and aircraft are designed to fight?

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim, Editor, <i>Combat Fleets of the World</i>
January 2006
The two retired U.S. Navy Kidd (DDG-993) class destroyers recently added to the Taiwanese Navy are by far the most capable and powerful surface warships ever to enter service with ...

Our Lady Queen of Class

By Tom Cutler
January 2006
Call me a sissy. Call me corny, out-dated, or whatever you think appropriate. But on Saturday, 12 November 2005, I cried. I sat in front of my television with tears ...

Shaping the Future

By Admiral John B. Nathman, USN, and Commander Clay Harris, USN
January 2006
A Navy deployed forward, ready to respond quickly to any crisis, and able to take the fight to the adversary's shores is still America's best defense.The United States will ...

Better Big and B(u)y the Dozen

By Captain J. Talbot Manvel Jr., U.S.Navy (Retired)
January 2006
The justification process for the Navy's next aircraft carrier was the most extensive in the history of the Department of Defense. The conclusion was definitive: Buy 12 big-deck carriers.Now ...

Controlling the Rivers

By Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Donahoe, U.S. Army, and Commander Laurence McCabe, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2006
The Navy has a rich tradition of riverine warfare. However, in the push for newer and more capable blue-water forces, the Navy has ignored its brown-water heritage.Following major combat ...

Reading for Readiness

By Lieutenant Anthony Mortimer, U. S. Navy
January 2006
As the Navy prepares for a new generation of ships and aircraft, it faces a growing literacy problem among its sailors. Fewer recruits, such as those pictured above en route ...

On the Ragged Edge: Standing Up the Iraqi Army

By Lieutenant Colonel Curtis L. Williamson III, U. S. Marine Corps
January 2006
Helping to rebuild a dismantled Iraqi army is a daunting task. A former Marine advisor outlines the challenges he faced.The disbanding of the Iraqi army in spring 2003 will ...

Two Towering Figures: The Real Thing

By Vice Admiral Robert F. Dunn, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2006
In an age when the word hero is casually tossed around, Bill Lawrence was the real thing.Vice Admiral William Porter Lawrence, who died last month, was a man of ...

Resurrection of a Liberty Ship

By Ernest F. Imhoff
January 2006
A veteran reporter and editor takes us on board a Baltimore landmark, the SS John W. Brown, one of two World War II Liberty ships still able to get under ...

Naval Intelligence Needs a High-Low Mix

By Lieutenant Commander Jim Griffin, USN
January 2006
2005 Naval Intelligence Essay Contest 1st Prize WinnerCosponsors: Naval Intelligence Professionals, Naval Intelligence Foundation, U.S. Naval InstituteTo regain its focus on today's relevant threat in the wake of ...

Professional Notes

January 2006
Provide the Capability for Interdiction OperationsLieutenant Ben Perman, U.S. Coast Guard ReserveThe proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) poses a grave threat to global security. Despite the catastrophic ...

Book Reviews

January 2006
Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S. Kenneth Sewell with Clint Richmond. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2005. 226 pp. Illus. ...

Oceans: Chinese Aim for the Deep

By Don Walsh
January 2006
France, Russia, and Japan currently operate the world's deepest-diving manned submersibles. The French Nautile and the two Russian Mir vehicles can dive to 20,000 feet (6,000 meters). Japan's Shinkai 6500 ...

U. S. Navy: The ASDS Is Sailing Rough Seas

By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
January 2006
The Navy's long-awaited Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) is in rough waters.1 The U.S. Special Operations Command, which sponsors the program, has cancelled plans to acquire a fleet of the ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems
January 2006
India May Export MissilesIn November 2005, the Indian government announced that it was willing "in principle" to export several missiles under development: the Akash and Trishul medium- and short-range ...

Naval Institute Foundation

January 2006
Enterprise Founder Appointed to the Arleigh Burke SocietyLife Member Jack C. Taylor of St. Louis, Missouri, has attained the Arleigh Burke Society, the top donor level for a Naval Institute ...

Lest We Forget: Rush and Rendernick; HC-16

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2006
Rush and RendernickThe submarine USS Billfish (SS-286) was patrolling enemy controlled waters in Makassar Strait on 11 November 1943, when she was discovered by a Japanese destroyer. The aggressive destroyer ...

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