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"Where’s the Chief?” This was the title of a 1995 Proceedings article by Captain Chris Johnson. The article reinforces the importance of senior enlisted professionals in...



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  • Editor's Page
    By F.H. Rainbow

    "Where’s the Chief?” This was the title of a 1995 Proceedings article by Captain Chris Johnson. The article reinforces the importance of senior enlisted professionals in today’s armed services. The Surface Warfare...

  • Comment and Discussion

    "Barbarians at the Gate"

    (See P. Marx, pp. 32-36, May 2004 Proceedings)

    Major Steven Ziomek, New Jersey Air National Guard-I have to wonder exactly what "war on terror" Paul Marx was referring to when he put down...

  • Another View
    by Ric Smith
  • World Naval Developments: New System Could Be Key To Network-Centric Undersea Warfare
    By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

    At the Pacific 2004 show in Sydney, the Australian company Nautronix displayed its HydroAcoustic Information Link (HAIL), which it sees as a text-based replacement for the usual underwater telephone, which garbles its messages so often that it is...

  • Defeat al Qaeda on the Waterfront
    By Commander James Pelkofski, USN

    Fighting terrorism involves efforts on many fronts. One of the most vital for the Navy is guaranteeing the safety of harbors, piers, and ships pierside. Anticipating how terrorists will attempt to exploit the Navy’s...

  • Notebook Reflections on the FACE of Leadership
    By Lieutenant William Scotch Perdue, Judge Advocate General's Corps, USN

    Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest Winner

  • The Nation Needs a Different Navy
    By Captain John Byron, USN (Ret.)

    We now fight only on land. In this new century, the nation’s combat will be on terra firma, with air-to-air combat and sea battles relegated to history and to a dim, unlikely future. Is the Navy becoming irrelevant? Sadly, the answer is yes...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But...Who Is to Blame for the 9/11 Attacks?
    By Lieutenant Robert Pudney, USN

    As congressional panels and the famed 9/11 Commission take issue with “what should have been” preceding the 2001 terror attacks on our country, we must be sure to assign blame properly. While the courtroom drama of the televised...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    History Devotee Underwrites Projects

    Two Naval Institute historical projects have received a boost through the generosity of longtime member James Pritzker of Chicago. Under the auspices of his Tawani Foundation, Jim Pritzker, a...

  • We Have Met Our Own Worst Enemy
    By Major Scott Ukeiley, U.S. Marine Corps

    There may have been a time when the U.S. Naval Institute and Proceedings served the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps well, but our professional association's contributions are no longer relevant, warranted, or appropriate for the...

  • Don't Blame the Media for Mismanaged Perceptions
    By Pascale Combelles Siegel

    With the rise of enemy attacks in Iraq, President George W. Bush's administration has complained of biased media coverage. According to his officials and military leaders, the media focus too much attention on deadly attacks against U.S. and...

  • Unmanned Systems Extend Operational Fleach
    By Captain Rand D. LeBouvier, USN

    Now that we are beginning to understand what they can do for us, unmanned vehicles, such as this Pioneer remotely piloted vehicle being catapulted into the air from the Saudi Arabian desert, are here to stay. It is critical that we develop a...

  • Airborne Recon Supported Marines' Advances in Iraq
    By Lieutenant Colonel L. R. Roberts and Major J. P. Farnam, U.S. Marine Corps

    Close coordination among Marine air controllers, strike aircrews, their joint and coalition partners enabled decisive realization of Marine Air Group 11's objectives in Operation Iraq Freedom—which included knocking out Iraqi...

  • Have the Sick and Wounded Been Forgotten Again?
    By Captain Arthur M. Smith, Medical Corps. U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

    The independent, mobile Sea Base will answer the mail for the Navy for staging and access, but if medical support issues are not included in operational considerations, the concept will not withstand the bright light of reality once...

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Sailor's View
    By Commander Chan Swallow, USN

    The first warship to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in 90 years, the Nicholas (FFG-47) found a tentative country striving to rebuild.

    Even as today's headlines focus on events in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States' role...

  • The USS Nicholas Wins Hearts in Bosnian Waters
    By Selma Kupusovic

    As a little girl, I always dreamed about airplanes and ships, so my father gave me an encyclopedia, The Complete History of the U.S. Air Force, as a present for my seventh birthday.

  • Building Submarines for Tomorrow
    By Rear Admiral John D. Butler, USN

    The nuclear-powered Virginia [SSN-774]-class attack submarine and guided-missile submarine programs will give the Navy the capability to covertly collect intelligence and then act quickly and decisively across a range of missions in the world...

  • Marine Reserve Gets the Job Done
    By Colonel Frank R. Gunter, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

    The U.S. Marine Corps is reaping the benefits of a decade-long transformation of its reserve component. Its performance in the recent Iraq war—by units such as this sniper team from 2d Battalion, 23d Marines, one of four reserve...

  • Interview: Vice Admiral John Cotton, USN

    The Chief of the Naval Reserve, Commander, Naval Reserve Force spoke recently at the U.S. Naval Institute's editorial offices in Annapolis, Maryland, with Proceedings editors Fred Rainbow and Fred Schultz.


  • Pete Bucher and the Pueblo: They Were Expendable
    By Commander R. B. McComb, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Lloyd "Pete" Bucher and I go back a long way. We were commissioned as ensigns in the Navy in 1953, but we did not know each other then. We first became acquainted in Yokosuka in 1966, when I had command of the submarine Archerfish...

  • The Great Midway Crapshoot
    By Lee Gaillard

    From the perspective of the events two years later at the Marianas Turkey Shoot, the U.S. victory at the Battle of Midway—including the sinking of the Japanese carrier Akagi—was anything but a sure thing.

  • Nobody Asked Me, But...Will the Littoral Combat Ship Pass Muster?
    By Lieutenant John Lehmann, U.S. Navy

    As an intelligence officer, I spend more time looking at our adversaries' equipment and tactics than I do looking at U.S. ships. Basically, I know more about "red" forces than I do about "blue." That is why the Littoral...

  • Professional Notes

    New Guy 101: Your First Tour of Duty
    Lieutenant Commander Fred W. Kacher, U.S. Navy

  • Book Reviews

    Omaha Beach: D-Day, June 6, 1944

    Joseph Balkoski. Mechaniesburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2004. 404 pp. Photos. Appen. Notes. Bib. Index. $26.95.

    Reviewed by Major General Neal Creighton, U.S. Army (Retired)

  • Naval Systems: Controversial Ship Self-Defense System Moves to Open Architecture
    By Ed Walsh

    The Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS) program office within the Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems this spring completed a shipyard phase of testing on board the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) for the "...

  • Combat Fleets
    By A. D. Baker III

    The first of four Type 214 submarines for the Greek Navy, the Papanikolis, was christened at Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW), Kiel, on 22 April 2004. The 1,860-ton submerged displacement Type 214 has an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system...

  • Lest We Forget: Peter Tomich; USS Toledo (CA-133)
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, USN (Ret.), and Eric Wertheim

    Peter Tomich

    Peter Tomich was born Petre Herceg-Tonic in Prolog, a town on the Austro-Hungarian border, in 1893 and, determined to find a better life, immigrated to the United States in 1913. When the United States entered World War I,...

  • Charting Your Course: Cool Tech
    By Christopher Michel

    It used to be that every division officer worth his salt carried a small, green, U.S. government-issue "wheelbook" notepad. Handy for keeping track of personnel notes, phone numbers, and the like, these notebooks were pervasive and...

  • From Our Archive: USS Perch on Ice

    In May 1952, the USS Perch (SSP-313, ex-SS-313), here encased in pancaked ice, participated in an exercise in the Arctic reaches of Alaska. This portion of the exercise was to acclimate personnel to various climatic conditions. This and...

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