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Change and transformation are two overused and loosely defined words. At the Naval Institute, we define these words by actions.



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  • Editor's Page
    By F.H. Rainbow

    Change and transformation are two overused and loosely defined words. At the Naval Institute, we define these words by actions.

  • Comment and Discussion

    "Forward Resuscitative Surgery in Operation Iraqi Freedom"

    (See H. R. Bohman, B. C. Baker, R. A. Stevens, pp. 73-76, February 2004 Proceedings)

  • Another View
    by Ric Smith
  • World Naval Developments: Missile's Era Ends
    By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

    At the end of 2003, the Italian Navy retired the training cruiser Vittorio Veneto, ending the half-century career of the Terrier/Standard ER series of missiles. The history of these weapons carries some interesting lessons that remain relevant to...

  • U.S. Shipyards Navigate between a Rock and a Hard Place
    By Scott Truver

    Sidebar: The Navy Must Put People First

    There are nagging doubts about the ability of the U.S. naval shipbuilding and repair industry to meet the demands of the century ahead. Some elements—primarily those...

  • The Legend—and Lessons—of Jessica Lynch
    By Captain James F. Kelly Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

    The spectacular rescue of Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch involved dozens of military personnel and their equipment. The daring operation, executed at night and in poor visibility because of blowing sand, involved substantial risk. One...

  • We Need Another "Greatest Generation"
    By Dennis M. McCarthy

    From 1941 to 1945, citizens of the Quad Cities—four towns straddling the Illinois-Iowa border in the heartland of America—worked in war industries, bought war bonds, and rationed sugar. They sent their loved ones to fight around the...

  • World Navies in Review: World's Navies Are in Decline
    By A. D. Baker III

    The fleets of the world's navies continued to decline in numbers in 2003, with many governments, particularly in Europe, planning further cuts in current platforms and future construction programs. Only a handful of fleets are likely to show...

  • International Navies Photo Contest
  • The Commanders Respond

    From Southeast Asia to the jungles of Colombia, navies are confronting terrorism around the world. This year, the Naval Institute asked the commanders of the world's navies: "What do you see as the long-term consequences (ten years...

  • Joint Support Ship: Transformation or White Elephant?
    By Dr. Paul T. Mitchell

    The Joint Support Ship will mean a plunge into deeper international defense waters for the Canadian Navy—but at what cost?

  • Counterdrug Ops Offer a Chance to Excel
    By Lieutenant Commander William R. Daly, USN

    Viewed from a long-term perspective, counterdrug operations—such as the recent counterdrug deployment of the Thomas S. Gates (CG-51)—are good for the country, the Navy, and the ship.

  • Building an Effective Maritime Neighborhood Watch in the Caribbean
    By Commander Joseph M. Vojvodich, USCG

    On receiving the Department of State's 2002 George P. Shultz Public Service Award, then-Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James M. Loy stated, "Once you lock your doors and windows and install an alarm system for your house, you need an...

  • Cobras Rock in Iraqi Freedom
    By Captain Allen D. Grinalds, USMC

    During combat operations in Iraq, the grunts wanted Cobras, and the Marine Corps rotary-wing community obliged, providing close air support and armed reconnaissance. Now it is time to evaluate that battlefield performance to make it even...

  • The Reign in Spain
    By Kit Bonner

    A year ago, my wife and I spent a few weeks in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and as usual were in search of naval information and photos no one else had. In Madrid, we toured the Palacio Real and afterward found ourselves on one of the upper...

  • MBAs Build War Fighters
    By Lieutenant Nathan Kring, USN

    Senior leaders are drawing on business experience to transform the military. The Navy should seize every opportunity to provide its officers with business education, such as programs leading to masters in business administration.

  • The Navy Must Put People First
    By Greg Maxwell and J. Robert Bost

    A key element of "Sea Power 21" is the Sea Warrior initiative, which will "serve as the foundation for warfighting effectiveness by ensuring the right skills are in the right place at the right time." This initiative will...

  • Women at Sea: "It's All about Leadership"
    By Lori Lyn Bogle

    In honor of Women's History Month, we review a recent symposium spanning 25 sometimes turbulent years of integrating women into the fleet. In jobs as diverse as training in an F/A-18F on board the John C. Stennis (CVN-74) to moving...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But...More Ships Should Be Named for Women
    By Commander Darlene M. Iskra, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    The third ship to be named the Mason (DDG-87) was commissioned in April 2003. The first Mason (DD-191) was named for John Young Mason, secretary of the Navy under Presidents John Tyler and James K. Polk; the second (DE-529) was...

  • Book Reviews

    Light This Candle: The Life and Times of Alan Shepard, America's First Spaceman

    Neal Thompson. New York: Crown, 2004. 464 pp. Photos. Bib. Index. $27.50.

    Reviewed by David Hartman

    It is hard to...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But...Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?
    By Lieutenant Commander Richard Riggs, U.S. Navy

    On 11 September 2001, my Department Head School classmates and I watched in horror as the Pentagon and World Trade Center were attacked. With orders to an Aegis destroyer and having already contacted the officer I was slated to relieve, I knew my...

  • Naval Systems: NRAC Brings Intellectual Firepower to the Navy
    By Ed Walsh

    The Naval Research Advisory Committee (NRAC) is assembling panels of senior science and technology experts to carry out three top-level summer studies for the secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine...

  • Lest We Forget: Randall "Duke" Cunningham; Patrol Squadron 49
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, USN (Ret.), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, USN (Ret.)

    Randall "Duke" Cunningham

  • Charting Your Course: Graduate Schools Want You
    By Christopher Michel

    A graduate degree is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for senior leaders in the armed services and in corporate America. Fortunately, your military credentials provide a ticket into some of the country's best graduate programs. Your experience...

  • Naval Institute Foundation

    In His Own Words: James E. Wise Jr.

  • From Our Archive: USS Boxer (CVA-21)

    AD Skyraiders and F4U Corsairs pack the deck of the USS Boxer (CVA-21), entering a dry dock at Yokosuka, Japan, in 1951. (To learn how shipbuilding and repair have changed since then, see our...

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