Proceedings Magazine - January 2004 Vol. 130/1/1,211

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Lethal in the Littoral: A Smaller, Meaner LCS

Much has been written on the littoral combat ship, but the most important question has yet to be debated: What do we want this revolutionary...

Lest We Forget: John Kilby; Attack Squadron (VA) 36

John Kilby

John Kilby went to sea as a privateer in the early days of the American Revolution. But it was his misfortune to be...

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World Naval Developments
Comment and Discussion
We Have a Process for Transformation
"Sanctuaries" Give Us the Edge
Sea Basing Isn’t Just about the Sea
Lethal in the Littoral: A Smaller, Meaner LCS
The Coast Guard Needs Help from the Navy and Marine Corps
Posse Comitatus and the Military ln Domestic Law Enforcement
Learning from the Masters
Why Did Navy Helos Cross the Beach?
Why We Need Nonnuclear Subs
Joint Is Dead: What Is Next?
Sea Enterprise: Resourcing Tomorrow’s Fleet
Special Report from Iraq: lt’s an Infomation War
One Decade Later: Debacle in Somalia
Acoustic Rapid Commercial Off-the-Shelf Insertion: A Model for the Future
Tips on Project Management
UAVs Need a Better Road Map
A Commercial Approach to Sea Basing-Afloat Forward Staging Bases
Nobody Asked Me, But...
Book Reviews
Nobody Asked Me, But...
Naval Systems
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Charting Your Course
Al Qaeda Defeated – On to Its Demise

The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were as unexpected and daring as they were murderous. There is no denying the resourcefulness...

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One search is over for the U.S. Naval Institute—Tom Wilkerson is on board and leading as CEO/Publisher—and another one begins. Naval...

Sea Basing Isn't Just about the Sea

Sea Basing promises to make the oceans a permanent base for conducting military operations. The implications will reach...

Sea Enterprise: Resourcing Tomorrow's Fleet


Special Report from Iraq: It's an Information War

One Decade Later: Debacle in Somalia

The shoot-down of a Blackhawk helicopter on a mission to eliminate two lieutenants of warlord Mohamed Farah Aideed was only...


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