Publisher's Page

By Tom Marfiak
August 2003
With regard to the qualifications for the CEO/Publisher, the most critical is that the individual be a good leader. This is a person who will embrace the open forum and ...

Comment and Discussion

August 2003
"Why I Am Failing My Junior Officers"(See K. O’Neal, pp. 40-42, July 2003 Proceedings)Ensign Nathan T. Van Schaik, USS De Wirt (FFG-45)—Lieutenant O'Neal presents a haunting image ...

It Is Time to Transform the Naval Reserve

By Captain Stuart J. Cvrk and Captain Richard E. Robey, USNR
August 2003
The U.S. Naval Reserve is top heavy: more than three-quarters of its entire budget is spent on its own administration. It is time to remove the redundant bureaucracy that has ...

What Was the Coast Guard Doing in Iraq?

By Vice Admiral James Hull, Commander Cari Thomas, and Lieutenant Commander Joe DiRenzo III, USCG
August 2003
In spite of increasing responsibilities in homeland security, Coast Guard forces remain committed to and equipped to support expeditionary operations.

Learning from Victory

By Dr. Milan Vego
August 2003
The U.S. military victory in Iraq was decisive, but we must study it objectively to learn positive and negative lessons for the next conflict.

Coast Guard Aviation Gets a New Look

By Commander Carl Alam, USCG, and Charles Greco
August 2003
The Integrated Deepwater System project is under way, and will change the face of Coast Guard aviation as it introduces new systems--such as CASA twin-engine maritime patrol aircraft--and upgrades legacy ...

Courageous Leader in Rocky Times

By Major Christopher D. Kolenda, USA
August 2003
Former Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki had the ability to grasp the heart of the matter amidst chaos and confusion, the resolve to see a decision through ...

Madaket Millie to the Rescue!

By Captain W. Russell Webster, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
August 2003
One of the U.S. Coast Guard’s longest-tenured volunteer rescuers also was one of its most colorful characters.Even though she lived on a small island 30 miles off Cape Cod, ...

Update the MOA

By Lieutenant Commander Pete Stoll, U.S. Navy
August 2003
The November 1993 Navy-Coast Guard Board initiated a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Transportation (DoT). Signed in October 1995, the basic agreement, ...

Where Are My Leaders?

By Dugald M. Tonn
August 2003
This is a situation report from the most important part of the Marine Corps—the "trenches," where the glamorous plans created at higher headquarters are executed. Here, at the bottom, is ...

A Different View of Perfection

By Joseph Galloway
August 2003
I was riding in the backseat of a Humvee in the first Gulf War. We had launched across the berm into western Iraq and drove steadily for 27 hours in ...

Noble Eagle Is Not Your Average Operation

By Major Glen Butler, USMC
August 2003
Operation Noble Eagle—all military activities focused on homeland defense—has been a vast undertaking since 11 September 2001. From harbor patrols by federal and local forces to air defense, it is ...

Jointness Is Key to Success in Coastal Warfare

By Lieutenant Paul Fawcett, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
August 2003
The naval coastal warfare community has become increasingly more important, beginning with its first major deployment in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield in 1990-1991 through its use in Operation Uphold Democracy ...

Pacific Fleet Focuses On War Fighting

By Admiral Walter F. Doran, USN
August 2003
Mobilized for its first exercise held on board the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) in October 2002, JTF-519 gives the Pacific Commander a fully deployable joint task force capable of planning ...

Exploit Sea Basing

By Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Hendrix II, U.S. Navy
August 2003
Plans and platforms designed to meet the Soviet threat will not do in today’s environment. Sea basing—often envisioned as a massive, mobile offshore base—would allow U.S. forces to project decisive ...

Fighting Terrorism. . . from the Sea

By Vice Admiral Yedidia Ya’ari, Israel Navy
August 2003
The fight against terrorism must be prosecuted by taking it to the enemy preemptively using the strategy of "total asymmetry." In January 2002, the Israel Navy did just that when ...

Stewart's Lessons Transcend the Age of Sail

By Lieutenant Claude G. Berube, U.S. Naval Reserve
August 2003
First Honorable Mention, Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest Charles Stewart’s 62-year naval career—including his famous defeat of the Levant and Cyane as commander of the Constitution in 1815—has much ...

Build Coast Guard Leaders for the New Era

By Lieutenant James B. Knapp, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2003
A new era of operations is dawning for the Coast Guard. Its transition to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) involves more than simply moving to a new department—it is ...

Knighthawks Change Helo Support in the Gulf

By Lieutenant Commander Mario Mifsud, U.S. Navy
August 2003
For a surface combatant operating in the Arabian Gulf, the familiar sight of a UH-3H Sea King inbound to drop off passengers, mail, and cargo (PMC) is certainly welcomed. Operated ...

Army Needs Fast Sea Transports

By Major General Carroll D. Childers, Army National Guard (Retired)
August 2003
It has been a long time since I considered myself an expert in the art of moving seamlessly from march column to a tactically sound position in an assembly area. ...

Book Reviews

August 2003
The Rescue of the Gale Runner: Death, Heroism, and the U.S. Coast GuardDennis L. Noble. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida, 2002. 280 pp. Photos. Maps. Bib. Index. $55.00. ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
August 2003
Aside from orders last year for eight Kilo-class diesel submarines and two more Sovremennyy-class guided-missile destroyers to China, the Russian ship-building industry has had few recent successes in obtaining ...
Broadside starboard view of the USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664) in camouflage

USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664)

By Eric Wertheim
August 2003
Launched on 6 October 1943, the Fletcher (DD-445)-class destroyer USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664) was built by the Boston Navy Yard and commissioned into Navy service on 23 February 1944. ...

Naval Institute Foundation

August 2003
Naval Institute Partnerships Promote Innovation and HistoryTeaming with other organizations has proved a successful means for the Naval Institute to accomplish its educational goals. Two recent partnerships will enhance ...

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