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The cooperative engagement capability nets together sensors and fire control systems to counter both aircraft and increasingly capable missiles today—and offers the...



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  • CEC Provides Theater Air Dominance
    By Rear Admiral Phil Balisle, USN, and Captain Tom Bush, USN

    The cooperative engagement capability nets together sensors and fire control systems to counter both aircraft and increasingly capable missiles today—and offers the potential for a joint tracking network to enable a...

  • Sunk Costs Sink Innovation
    By Captain Terry C. Pierce, USN

    The tactical component network could be a great leap forward in linking warfighting forces—if given a chance.


  • We Can Fix Acquisition
    By Admiral Dennis C. Blair, USN

    Transformation means continuous change and requires continuous experimentation, but the current acquisition system is out of touch. The Navy still has sailors handling phone-and-distance lines on frontline destroyers that can...

  • The Shoal Waters of Homeland Security
    By Commander Michael R. Kelley, USCG

    The homeland security mission brings new responsibilities and a higher profile to the Coast Guard—which was a great comfort to New Yorkers in the days after the September attacks. But the service must be careful not to...

  • Enlist the Public in Maritime Homeland
    By Captain W. Russell Webster, USCG

    The resource-strapped Coast Guard must enlist the input of observant citizens in the war on maritime terrorism. One model to help deter maritime terrorist attacks while successfully integrating the public comes from the 60-year-old Coast Guard...

  • Lest We Forget: Airborne Early Warning Barrier Squadron Pacific (AEWBarRonpac)
    By Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    For 11 years during the Cold War, Navy ships and aircraft participated in the air defense of the continental United States. Lockheed WV-2 (EC-121K) Warning Star ("Willie Victor") aircraft flew long and usually uneventful patrols over...

  • Matt Lauer Goes Back to Sea

    The anchor of NBC’s Today Show recently spent some time on board the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) – his second visit to the ship in three years – just before she came back to...

  • It's Time for Universal National Service
    By Steve Cohen

    In his State of the Union message, President George W. Bush announced a new volunteer effort dubbed "Freedom Corps." The same month, Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Evan Bayh (D-IN) introduced legislation allowing shorter military...

  • Comment and Discussion

    "Interview: Joe Galloway"

    (See F. Schultz, pp. 50-52, February 2002 Proceedings)

  • Learn to Love the Gap
    By Captain Sam J. Tangredi, USN

    First Honorable Mention, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

    To paraphrase Karl Marx, there is a specter haunting U.S. defense policy. It is the specter of a growing gap between civilian authority and the military.

  • Navy Shortchanges Professional Education
    By Lieutenant Commander Douglas L. Edson, USN

    After World War II, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz stated that nothing happened during the war that was a surprise to the Navy save the kamikaze tactics. Unlike the World War II admirals who had studied the principles of naval strategy and naval...

  • A Navy Out of Balance
    By Captain John Byron, USN (Retired)

    Naval officers are an ethical lot. Altruistic and motivated toward the good, they do their best to do their jobs well. But they are drifting slowly from base course, letting naval culture evolve away from what it could and should be.


  • The Navy Must Make Choices
    By Captain Arthur H. Barber III, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    With missions and technologies growing faster than resources, the naval services must determine their priorities within the overall framework of U.S. defense. One unique strength is their ability to be present overseas with quick-responding,...

  • The U.S. Navy in Review
    By Scott C. Truver

    The first true year of the new millennium, 2001 was yet another "bookend" year for the U.S. Navy. Crisis and conflict bounded 12 months of routine operations, triumph, and tragedy. Last year saw the U.S. Navy on station and on call,...

  • The U.S. Marine Corps in Review
    By Lieutenant Colonel Flank G. Hoffman, USMCR

    When President George W. Bush spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy's commencement last May, he noted it was "a good time to reflect for a moment on the things that change and the things that never change." Many things have changed since...

  • The U.S. Coast Guard in Review
    By Vice Admiral Howard B. Thorsen, USCG (Ret.)

    The 378-foot U.S. Coast Guard cutter Sherman (WHEC-720) was on the way to her home port when a frantic call for help came over the airwaves. A 33,000-ton car carrier had been disabled and was dead in the water in 30-foot seas, listing heavily and...

  • World Naval Developments
    by Norman Friedman

    DoD Shifts to Capability-Based Procurement

    To recent developments in U.S. defense policy testify to the deep problem defense faces despite the post-9/11 additions to the budget. One is a shift from threat-based...

  • The U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Industry
    By Robert H. Pouch

    If you were a shipping company investor, manager, board member, employee, insurer, or regulator operating in the U.S. maritime environment, in all probability, 2001 started with a certain amount of potential. The millennium ended on a modest note...

  • Naval Aircraft and Weapons Developments
    By David L. Parsons

    The year 2001 was momentous for naval aviation. The new administration installed in January embarked on sweeping reviews of defense needs and priorities that lasted through the summer. Tensions mounted as the services and industry wondered which...

  • Congressional Watch
    By Bradley Peniston

    As the fiscal year 2003 defense budget proposal soared above one-third of a trillion dollars in the aftermath of I September, you could hear the disbelief rising on Capitol Hill. Only .. five ... new ... ships?

  • Notable Naval Books of 2001
    By Lieutenant Colonel Richard Seamon, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)

    Are television and the Internet weaning too many readers away from books, as many deep thinkers claim? Not if the astonishing number of volumes being produced by publishers both large and small is any guide. In one area in particular the...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Don't Punish the Path Less Taken
    By Lieutenant Commander Roger Pyle, U.S. Navy

    "The Navy needs bold officers who are willing to think creatively and take well-calculated risks. Seek to promote officers who have shown initiative in finding and pursuing the most effective ways of accomplishing our mission."...

  • Flag and General Officers and Senior Enlisted Leaders of the Naval Services
  • Information Sources
  • Changes in Naval Battle Forces
    By Samuel Loring Morison
  • Naval Systems: Aegis Open Architecture Steers toward Common Baseline
    By Ed Walsh

    The Aegis program office within the program executive office for theater surface combatants and Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems, longtime prime contractor for the Aegis combat system, are discussing a range of tasks...

  • Combat Fleets
    By A. D. Baker III

    As part of its bid for integration into ATO, Romania agreed to acquire the retired British Royal Navy Type 22 Batch II frigates London and Coventry on 1 March 2002. Instead of having the 4,850-ton pair refitted and modernized in the United...

  • Notebook
  • Coast Guard Pub One Is Our Doctrine
    By James M. Loy

    Many people—including some within our service—do not realize the breadth of the contributions that the Coast Guard makes to our country as well as to countries around the world. Beginning in the late 1980s, a small group of...

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