The Kursk's Uneasy Legacy

By Michael Schofield
March 2001
The tragic loss of the Russian Navy's Kursk has raised the old issue of what to do about waste from nuclear accidents at sea. One geologist's radical theory that nuclear ...

Naval Trends in the 21st Century

By Rear Admiral Thomas Kempf German Navy
March 2001
In the future, naval forces will play a decisive role in multinational partnerships. One model of cooperation would be a standing naval exercise force in the Baltic Sea structured like ...

Nobody Asked Me, But ... Clausewitz Is Dead

By Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy
March 2001
Many, including me, have been accused of misinterpreting Clausewitz. This German war thinker has been called many things: genius, sage, visionary, and philosopher are but a few. One thing you ...

Book Reviews

March 2001
Big Red: Three Months On Board a Trident Nuclear Submarine By Douglas C. Waller. New York: HarperCollins, 2001. 336 pp. Illus. Notes. Index. $27.50 ($24.75). Reviewed by Norman Polmar Since ...

Tomorrow's U.S. Fleet

By Scott C. Truver
March 2001
"The future is now ... The more things change, the more they stay the same .... Pigs will fly." If, as former Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig remarked at ...

On a Bittersweet Adventure at Sea

By Susan Percy
March 2001
During a Tiger Cruise with her Navy lieutenant daughter in the USS Nimitz (CVN-68), a Navy wife recalls the day she bid farewell to Lieutenant Barton S. Creed. The Bay ...

Tall Tales of the Civilian World

By Mark A. Lisi
March 2001
It might look like Eden from the outside, but as one former surface warfare officer found, the civilian world isn't always what it seems. Just more than a year ago, ...

Swarm the Littorals!

By Commander Joseph E. Skinner, USN
March 2001
A swarm—eight high-speed, fully networked patrol craft similar to the Pegasus (PHM-1)-class hydrofoils—would give a battle or amphibious ready group commander in the littorals more flexibility, battlespace awareness, and firepower. ...

Marshaling for the Littoral Campaign

By Colonel T. X. Hammes, USMC
March 2001
A specially manned, trained, and equipped staff, together with highly effective command ships, makes the fleet commander the ideal choice for leading littoral campaigns. During the 1960s and 1970s, the ...

Don't Ignore Electronic Attack

By Lieutenant Commander Jeff Ruth, USN
March 2001
While the F-14 Tomcat and F/A-18 Hornet have received upgrades in capability, the EA-6B Prowler has remained stagnant. Operation Allied Force proved that the electronic attack mission has been ignored ...

Waging War on Germs in Korea

By Allan R. Millett
March 2001
The "germ warfare" being waged by the United Nations Command during the Korean War was not against people. In fact, Lieutenant Gerald A. Martin saved the lives of many POWs ...

Russia's Waste: A Catastrophe Waiting to Happen?

By Ensign Eric D. Johnson, U.S. Coast Guard
March 2001
An environmental disaster is brewing in the poorly protected storage facilities harboring Russia's naval nuclear waste. Aid from the West may help avert a meltdown. Since the 1952 Soviet resolution ...

It's About Acountability

By Charles W. Nesby
March 2001
I have read the Chief of Naval Operations' all-Navy message regarding the Judge Advocate General's Manual investigation of the attack on the USS Cole (DDG-67). While I agree on many ...

Democracy and Sea Power in Nigeria

By Commodore Olutunde A. Oladimeji, Nigerian Navy (Retired)
March 2001
With President Olusegun Obasanjo at the helm of a democractic government, the United States recognizes Nigeria's potential in Africa. A strong Navy will promote stability and peace on the continent. ...

Royal Australian Navy: On Course for the 21st Century

By Commander Henry Pearce, Royal Australian Navy
March 2001
After a decade of increasing demands at home and abroad—including support to International Force for East Timor (Interfet) operations—the Royal Australian Navy is stretched thin. But with the recent release ...

Croatian Phiblex 2000 Storms New Ground

By Captain Kenneth R. Kassner, U.S. Marine Corps
March 2001
On board the USS Austin (LPD-4) off the coast of Split, Croatia-"Green well! Green well!" the shin's intercom blared into the quiet Adriatic morning. The Austin's gray hull rang with ...

Protecting Bangladesh

By Commander M. A. Razzak, Bangladesh Navy
March 2001
Second Honorable Mention, International Navies Essay Contest The Bangladesh Navy has come a long way since its formation in 1972. It's time to begin upgrading to a force that can ...

Small Navies Have a Future

By Commander (Senior Grade) Kaj Toft Madsen, Royal Danish Navy
March 2001
First Honorable Mention, International Navies Essay Contest One of the greatest strengths of NATO's smaller navies is their mine-warfare forces. To continue to be viable parts of the alliance, however, ...

Beyond the Horizon: Regional Security for Asia-Pacific

By Lieutenant Commander Hiroshi Ito, Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
March 2001
Prize Winner International Navies Essay Contest More than a decade has passed since the end of the Cold War. In the aftermath of the East-West reconciliation, European countries have struggled ...

World Navies in Review

By A. D. Baker III
March 2001
A surprisingly large number of new naval construction programs emerged during 2000, with major surface combatants, submarines, and amphibious warfare and sealift ships predominant. As in the past decade, there ...

Comment and Discussion

March 2001
"Euro-Army May Replace NATO" (See N. Friedman, p. 6, February 2001 Proceedings ) Commander Christopher S. Real, U.S. Navy, Staff Officer for European Security Defense Identity Issues, Supreme Allied Commander ...

It's About Accountability

By Charles W. Nesby
March 2001
I have read the Chief of Naval Operations' all-Navy message regarding the Judge Advocate General's Manual investigation of the attack on the USS Cole (DDG-67). While I agree on many ...

Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 164 (VA-164)

By Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2001
The Navy established attack squadron 164 (VA-164) on 1 September 1960 as one of two light attack squadrons assigned to the Atlantic Fleet’s new Carrier Air Group 16 (CVG-16, later ...