The Carriers Pack the Airborne Cavalry

By Captain Daniel Moore, USN, and Major Christopher Yunker, USMC (Ret.)
August 2000
Going beyond the mindless role of flying artillery, carrier aviation is positioned to lead the way in combined-arms warfare.

Did MacArthur Save the Marines?

By Ronald H. Carpenter
August 2000
The question was whether a landing at Inchon would be lessa prudent than an operation under more favorable conditions at Kunsan. In a meeting 50 years ago, General Douglas MacArthur ...
Starboard bow view of U.S.S. Ellet (DD-398) in Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. in Kearny, New Jersey.

USS Ellet (DD-398)

By Eric Wertheim
August 2000
The destroyer USS Ellet (DD-398), named for five members of a Pennsylvania family who served in the Civil War, was built by Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company and launched ...

Combat Fleets

By A.D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
August 2000
The former U.S. Navy Anchorage (LSD-36)-class dock landing ship Pensacola (LSD-38) was transferred to Taiwan as the Shui Hai after decommissioning on 22 September 1999. The 1999 offer of a ...

U.S. Navy: The Zumwalt-Class Destroyers

By Norman Polmar
August 2000
The most numerous warship type in the U.S. Navy today—and for the foreseeable future—is the destroyer. Most of the 116 surface combatants of the currently approved force level are destroyers ...

Book Reviews

August 2000
Desert Storm at Sea: What the Navy Really Did Marvin Pokrant. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1999. 352 pp. Charts. Notes. Bib. Index. $59.95 ($56.95).Reviewed by Rear Admiral Fred Lewis, U.S ...

Aegis Multi-Mission Warfare: Been There, Done That—For Now

By Captain Robert D. Jenkins III, U.S. Navy
August 2000
Since entering the fleet, Aegis cruisers have established strong air-defense credentials-and also demonstrated significant, simultaneous multimission warfare capabilities.In the Gulf of Sidra in 1986, the USS Yorktown (CG-48) functioned as ...

Fighting for Network Centric Warfare

By Commander Lawrence N. Ash, U.S. Navy
August 2000
The military frequently is accused of preparing for the last war; often, the critics are right. To avoid this trap, we must achieve a common understanding of what the next ...

Navy/Coast Guard: Battle Group Partners

By Lieutenant Joseph DiRenzo III, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2000
Since 1995, the U.S. Coast Guard has been deploying high-endurance cutters for three to Your months to the Persian Gulf, where they operate with multinational task forces supporting maritime interception ...

Ready Around the Clock

By Captain Lenny Capello, USN
August 2000
After two and a half months of intensive operations in the Arabian Gulf the crew of the Lake Erie (CG-70) was well rested and ready for more. The reason was ...

You Can't Defy the Laws of Gravity

By Commander Jeff Huber, USN
August 2000
Centers of gravity exist all over the place—and they keep on a-changin'. Colonel Mark Cancun generated a hailstorm of controversy among traditional military thinkers with "Centers of Gravity Are a ...

The Pilot's Daughter

By Gardner McFall
August 2000
Commander A. Dodge McFall, U.S. Navy (shown here as he took command of VA-76 at NAS Lemoore, California), was lost at sea during predeployment night operations flown from the Bon ...

Bring the Marine Prowlers Home

By Major Thomas W. Hofer, USMC
August 2000
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Comment and Discussion

August 2000
"The Nation Needs the MV-22" (See J. Jones, p. 2, June 2000 Proceedings)Bruce Laingen—As a former hostage in Tehran, I read the commentary of Marine Commandant Jones ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman
August 2000
Israelis Test Sub-Launched Cruise MissileIn mid-June, the British press, relying on unnamed Israeli sources, reported that an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine had fired a cruise missile to a range ...

The JSF: One More Card In The House

By F. C. Spinney Jr.
August 2000
The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), central to the Department of Defense's modernization agenda, looks more and more like a case of "Here we go again.",",","Y

Special: The Pilot's Daughter

August 2000
Commander A. Dodge McFall, U.S. Navy (shown here as he took command of VA-76 at NAS Lemoore, California), was lost at sea during predeployment night operations flown from the Bon ...

Community War

By Captain Larry Seaquist, USN (Ret.)
August 2000
High-tech warfare won't work if the low-tech warrior names the game.

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