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In May 1989, Proceedings published my letter in its Comment & Discussion section ("Bulldog Ductus Exemplo—The Platoon Commander," pp. 28-29). I was a...



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  • What in the Hell Were You Thinking?
    By Gregory C. Allen

    In May 1989, Proceedings published my letter in its Comment & Discussion section ("Bulldog Ductus Exemplo—The Platoon Commander," pp. 28-29). I was a midshipman first class at the U.S. Naval Academy...

  • Interview: James Webb

    On the eve of the premiere of the new Paramount Pictures movie, Rules of Engagement, the film’s creator, executive producer, and co-writer talked recently at his office overlooking the Iwo Jima Memorial in...

  • Civil-Military Gap—What Are the Ethics?
    By Gregory D. Foster
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  • Readiness Is a Moral Responsibility
    By D. L. Grange

    American soldiers have always had the will to win. What they need are commanders willing to prepare—and prepared to do what must be done for readiness. The required tenacity to make things happen is a commander's responsibility....

  • World Naval Developments: Navy Commits to Electric Drive
    By Norman Friedman

    In January, Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig announced that the coming DD-21 land-attack destroyer class would incorporate electric drive instead of the current geared gas turbines. The decision culminated more than a decade of work on a...

  • Interview with Richard Danzig: 'We Need to Treat Our People Better'
    By Naval Institute staff

    Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig met recently with the U.S. Naval Institute staff at its headquarters in Beach Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy. Following is a sample of the issues addressed during that session.

  • Comment and Discussion

    "Stop Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations—Now!"

    (See Anonymous, pp. 100-101, March 2000 Proceedings)

    Major General Randy L. West, U.S. Marine Corps, and Captain Laurie M. Balagurchik, U.S. Navy, Medical Corps...

  • Breaking the Ice
    By Commander Robert H. Perry, USN

    Early in 1999, the Hawkbill (SSN-666) set out for the Arctic on her final cruise—and the Navy's final submarine science expedition with the National Science Foundation.

  • Three Nations, One Submarine
    By Captain Morten Jacobsen, Royal Norwegian Navy

    With declining defense budgets, how can small coastal states maintain a capable submarine force? Cooperation is the key.

  • No Slap in the Face
    By Francis Duncan

    A biographer of Admiral H. G. Rickover paints a gentler-than-normal picture of the Father of the Nuclear Navy, known by some, with tongue-in-cheek, as the kindly old gentleman. 

  • "You Can't Handle the Truth!"
    By Captain E. Tyler Wooldridge, U.S. Navy

    Despite recent shows of interest in fleet input, Navy senior leadership too often views internal criticism as disloyal and seeks to "shoot the messenger." An obligation to improve the Navy remains for all service members.

  • Why Single-Engine STOVL?
    By Lieutenant Commander Theodore Herman, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

    U.S. Marine Corps operational requirements dictate that tactical aircraft (TacAir) launch and recover from today's amphibious ships. The single-engine STOVL AV-8B II has shown the way for the single-engine STOVL Joint Strike Fighter of...

  • It's Time for the Revolution
    By Admiral Bill Owens, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    This article is excerpted from Lifting the Fog of War to be published by Farrar Straus Giroux, LLC, this month. 2000 by Bill Owens, All Rights Reserved. The Naval Institute Press published Admiral Owens' High Seas: The Naval Passage to an...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... "There Now, The Foul, Dark, Deceitful Deed Be Done!"
    By Commander Robert W. Selle, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

    The Panama Canal has been returned to Panamanian control, but US Navy ships can still transit the canal in safety. Selle believes the US should have reworked the treaty to keep control of the canal for a longer period of time.


  • Book Reviews

    Naval Strategy and Operations in Narrow Seas

    Milan N. Vego. Portland, OR: Frank Cass, 1999. 345 pp. Maps. Notes. Bib. Index. $59.50. ($56.52).

    Reviewed by Captain Sam Tangredi, U.S. Navy

    "A blue water...

  • The U.S. Navy: Submarine Celebrations and Questions
    By Norman Polmar

    In 2000, the U.S. submarine community celebrates its 100th anniversary, commemorating a history marked with considerable achievements. In the century since the Holland (SS-1) was placed in commission, the U.S. submarine force has amassed an...

  • Oceans: The Biggest Kid on the Dock
    By Don Walsh

    The 64,000-ton, 1,200-passenger MV Rotterdam is the flagship of the Holland America Cruise Line nine-ship fleet. Each year, this ship makes a 90- to 100-day world cruise. At $24,000 to more than $100,000 per person, this is an expensive...

  • Points of Interest: SecDef Moves to End Housing Crisis
    By Tom Philpott

    Given the buzz about gains in military pay and benefits in 2000, Navy Chief Aviation Electronics Technician John Cloyes thought that it was time to move his family off base at Lemoore Naval Air Station in central California. But Cloyes quickly...

  • Combat Fleets
    By A.D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World

    The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) auxiliary transport Manoora (ex-Fairfax County, LST-1193) is shown on post-conversion trials in Sydney harbor in February. The 8,450-ton (full-load displacement) former tank landing ship and...

  • Lest We Forget
    By Eric Wertheim

    Named for Lieutenant Commander C. W. Flusser, a naval officer killed during the Civil War, the Mahan (DD-364)-class destroyer USS Flusser (DD-368) was the fourth U.S. Navy warship to bear the Flusser name. Built by Federal...

  • Notebook
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... That 70s Military Is Back?
    By Major Daniel F. Harrington, U.S. Marine Corps

    The 1970s are "in," baby! Hollywood and the fashion industry have made that long-past decade new again. It seems the services are headed back to the 1970s, as well.

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