Facing Westward to the Future

By General Charles C. Krulak, U.S. Marine Corps
March 1997
Traditional Asia Pacific Indian Ocean population centers are fast becoming centers of wealth, productivity, power and influence as the global economic center of gravity continues to shift westward. To maintain ...

Comment and Discussion

March 1997
"Stealth Emerges at Farnborough"(See N. Friedman, p. 92, December 1996 Proceedings)The Honorable Jim Courter, former member of Congress and chairman of the Base Closure and Realignment Commission, Founder and Chairman ...

The Commanders Respond

March 1997
Several naval commanders from various countries respond to the question: "How does your Navy intend to exploit the capabilities of your Air Force and Army to conduct littoral warfare more ...

Asia at Sea

By Captain Bernard Cole, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 1997
Anticipating further US withdrawal from the region, the nations of Asia Pacific are watching naval developments in Japan and China and working to improve their own maritime capabilities.

A Naval Doctrine for the Armada

By Juan Carlos Campbell-Cruz
March 1997
With the government's renewed emphasis on defense capabilities, the Spanish Navy is poised to take on new roles and missions. It has the resources, ability, and training; all it needs ...

Back to the Future

By Commander Michele Cosentino, Italian Navy
March 1997
Since the end of the Cold War, Western naval focus has shifted from the Soviet threat to littoral warfare. Despite warming relations between Russia and the US, submarine continue to ...

Recent Trends in Naval Procurement

By Antony Preston
March 1997
Despite the downsizing of major navies in the past year, a number of interesting new projects are either in hand or about to start, giving some indications of future developments.

French Build Warships for Oman and Kuwait

By Antony Preston
March 1997
Since the 1970s, Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie's (CMN) Combatante series of missile-armed fast attack craft has given its name to an entire category of small but fast and powerfully armed ...

Chile Begins Naval Exports

By Antony Preston
March 1997
Although the primary role of Chilean shipbuilder ASMAR is the support of the Chilean Navy, it builds and repairs commercial craft for profit. ASMAR has entered the competition to supply ...

Waltzing with the Russian Bear

By Vice Admiral Donald L. Pilling and Captain Doug Connell, U.S. Navy
March 1997
For the first two months of 1996, the US Sixth Fleet and the Russian Northern Fleet carrier Kuznetsov conducted joint operations in the Mediterranean. The contact provided insight into both ...

Russia's Navy Will Remain Strong Beyond 2000

By Norman Polmar
March 1997
Navies undoubtedly will play important roles in the 21st century. These roles will differ for various navies, and the numbers of ships, submarines, and aircraft and their capabilities will be ...

NATO Enlargement: The Case for Romania

By Captain Marke R. Shelley and Lieutenant Commander John P. Norris, U.S. Naval Reserve
March 1997
NATO likely will add two new members in the near future. Romania's strategic geography, integrated military, and Western values make it a logical choice. It is time to put Romania ...

BaltOps 96: Building Regional Stability

By Guy Toremans
March 1997
The BaltOps 96 exercise included NATO and non-NATO units under the Partnership for Peace. Ships such as Finland's Kotka and Lithuania's Zemaitis usher in a new era of East-West cooperation.

Canadian Navy Trains to Keep the Peace

By David N. Griffiths and Douglas S. Thomas
March 1997
Canada's Navy is training to meet the wide-ranging challenges of peacekeeping operations--from coastal fisheries protection to humanitarian assistance in Somalia. Competent military forces must be skilled, equipped and ready for ...

Improving Security in the Western Pacific

By Captain Kenji Kinoshita, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
March 1997
Nineteen navies participated in the 5th Western Pacific Naval Symposium, sponsored by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force that opened its ships for special tours and briefings.

World Navies in Review

By A.D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
March 1997
This year's review appraises the state of the world's navies as they revamp their fleets in the wake of the Cold War and plan for the future.

Israel's Navy Beat the Odds

By Rear Admimral Ze’ev Almog, Israeli Navy (Retired)
March 1997
According to Almog, the effect of the October (Yom Kippur) War in 1973 on Israel's navy was negligible. Assumptions and contingency plans formulated prior to the war proved accurate.

Book Reviews & Books of Interest

March 1997
Through a Canadian Periscope: The Story of the Canadian Submarine ServiceJulie H. Ferguson. Toronto: Dunbar Press, 1995. 375 pp. Illus. Ind. $32.50 ($29.25).Reviewed by Commander Nathaniel French Caldwell, Jr., ...

Nobody Asked Me But… Send No Ugly Americans

By Sonar Technician Second Class Kent G. Hilstrom, U.S. Navy
March 1997
Hilstrom has noticed a growing anti-European attitude among US service members. Ignorance lies in their belief that because the US is the world's greatest power, all other countries should mirror ...

The U.S. Navy: Keeping the Nation's Secrets

By Norman Polmar, Author, The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
March 1997
The selling of secrets to the USSR that plagued the US during the Cold War continues; the only difference is that now the buyer is Russia rather than the failed ...

World Naval Developments: China Buys Russian Destroyers

By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems
March 1997
Under an agreement concluded in Dec 1996, China will buy a pair of Russian Sovremennyy-class destroyers armed with SS-N-22 and SA-N-7 missiles. The ships are being refitted in a Russian ...

Lest We Forget: USS Rinehart (DE-196)

By Eric Wertheim
March 1997
The USN destroyer Rinehart was laid down on Oct 21, 1943 and commissioned on Feb 12, 1944. The Rinehart served various duties during WWII and was struck from the USN ...

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