Somebody, PLEASE Rock the Boat!

By Jay R. Avella
June 1997
Articles in "Naval Institute Proceedings" appear to be devoid of passion for concepts, beliefs, values, or principles, and unfortunately, this "Don't rock the boat syndrome" reaches even further to pervade ...

Comment and Discussion

June 1997
"Covering Today's Navy: Turning Around the Bad News"Lieutenant Colonel Richard Seamon, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)—At the Naval Institute's Seventh Annapolis Seminar, all members of the panel that ...

Retaining the JOs: Looking Up or Going Down?

By Lieutenant Silas Ray Kennedy, U.S. Navy
June 1997
Which way is junior officer retention in the submarine force headed—up or down? Junior officers are key players, and low retention rates could undermine the success of the team. Just ...

Battling Battery Boats

By Rear Admiral W. J. Holland, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 1997
Any submarine has the potential to cause trouble, but the myth of diesel-electric submarine invincibility in the littorals can be shattered if antisubmarine warfare skills are learned and practiced.

The NSSN: A 21st Century Design

By William H. Kowenhoven and Frederick J. Harris
June 1997
Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding have completed the details of a proposed teaming arrangement whereby the shipbuilders would coproduce each New Attach Submarine (NSSN).

Diving Deep

By William J. Broad
June 1997
An excerpt from "The Universe Below" discusses a descent by the bathyscaph Trieste into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in 1963 to find the wreckage site of the Thresher, ...

Revitalizing Naval Special Warfare

By Lieutenant Commander Bill Hamblet, U.S. Navy
June 1997
The needs and skills that the Naval Special Warfare community will need in 10 or 20 years from now will be many and varied, and an initiative is under development ...

Why Aren't We Buying Core Values?

By Captain Matthew Jones, U.S. Marine Corps
June 1997
The US military is currently dealing with issues of morality and ethics on an unprecedented scale, and efforts by the Marine Corps to change this have not been successful.

There Is No Gray Area

By Lieutenant David S. Kemp, U.S. Navy
June 1997
Naval leadership has been tarnished by negative incidents, and the Navy is experiencing an erosion of personal integrity among its officers.

Loyalty Is the Highest Honor

By Captain Gerald J. Ormerod, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
June 1997
Loyalty is the cornerstone of unit effectiveness and the success of the Marine Corps. Several assumptions that illustrate the relationship between loyalty and ethics are discussed.

"Like Thunder and Lightning"

By Rear Admiral Daniel J. Murphy, U.S. Navy
June 1997
As demands on U.S. carriers increase, surface combatants must better their ability to operate independently. By leveraging current capabilities—especially in vertical-launching system platforms—an affordable, responsive, and increasingly lethal Surface Navy ...

Straight From the Top

June 1997
Excerpts from a news conference with Admiral Jay L. Johnson, Vice Admiral Richard D. Herr and General Charles C. Krulak are presented.

Amphibious Redux

By Rear Admiral Leonard F. Picotte, U.S. Navy (Retired) and Captain Kendall King, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 1997
New strategies are emerging to challenge traditional amphibious doctrine in favor of integrated battle group operations, or similar-sounding terms.

Much Ado About Nothing

By Captain Paul Ryan, U.S. Navy
June 1997
Do we need to amend the words of Shakespeare, "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…" to include "sisters"? The commander of a recently decommissioned submarine tender discusses ...

Professional Notes

June 1997
The Coast Guard Must Bridge the GapBy Lieutenant Kevin E. Lunday, U.S. Coast GuardCoast Guard officers face an unusual challenge because of the service's diverse missions and dual roles as ...

Book Reviews

June 1997
Hitler's U-Boat War: The Hunters, 1939-1942By Clay Blair. New York, NY: Random House, 1996. 809 pp. App. Ind. Notes. Maps. Photos. $40.00 ($36.00).Reviewed by Vice Admiral James F. Calvert U.S. ...

World Naval Developments: What Aircraft Really Cost

By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems
June 1997
The cost of the new F-22 Raptor fighter and the Air Force's justification for the program are discussed. The pros and cons of arms sales of undersea surveillance systems for ...

Combat Fleets

By A.D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
June 1997
Some of the vessels in the fleets of Egypt, Italy and Great Britain are discussed.

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