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  • Aviation Changes—July 1995—June 1997
    By Samuel Loring Morison
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  • The QDR: Make a Bold Move
    By John H. Cushman

    The Defense Department's Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) issued in May 1997 said that "it is imperative that the United States now and for the foreseeable future be able to deter and defeat large-scale cross-border aggression in two...

  • Comment and Discussion

    "A Tangled Webb"

    (See P. E. Roush, pp. 42-45, August 1997 Proceedings)

    Dr. Richard Hegmann, National Imagery and Mapping Agency-In contrast to the themes Colonel Roush decries in James Webb's political...

  • All Volunteer Force Is in Crisis
    By Major General J. D. Lynch, USMC (Ret.)

    With fewer resources, increasing commitments, changing missions, and now the added pressures to put women in combat, the all-volunteer force has reached critical mass. It is time to sound reveille.

  • The Lost Obligation
    By Ned Hogan

    In April 1962, Douglas MacArthur bade farewell to the Corps of Cadets at West Point and proclaimed a message for the ages: "Duty, Honor, Country." Delivered in the eloquent style that symbolized the old war-horse, it delineated the...

  • Catch F-22
    By Commander Jeff Huber

    I keep looking at the table, but all I see is a great big price tag. The first F-22 airframe-"Raptor 01 - The Spirit of America"-rolled out of a Lockheed hangar on 9 April amid a firestorm of budgetary controversy. The stealth fighter,...

  • Super Hornet Is the Bridge
    By Admiral Leon A. Edney, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    There is no alternative to the F/A-18E/F-here, on board the John C. Stennis (CVN-74). It must be purchased to the programmed numbers until the Navy can acquire some stealth.

  • Mergers Generate Political Clout
    By Dave Fulghum

    An unprecedented string of mergers is creating companies so large that the concentration of money, technical prowess, and influence is beginning to scare people.

  • Flying in Hunter-Warrior
    By Major Lawrence Roberts, U.S. Marine Corps

    In March 1997, I flew Hunter Air missions supporting ground forces during the Hunter-Warrior advanced warfighting experiment at the Marine Corps AirGround Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California. This was the first time any Marine or Navy...

  • Does Maritime Patrol Have a Future? (Part II)
    By Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey R. Macris, U.S. Navy

    Commander Scott Jasper wrote an enlightening article on maritime patrol aviation's future ("Does Maritime Patrol Have a Future?" Proceedings April 1997, pages 73-77). Certainly, the new weapons and sensors have provided the VP...

  • The F-14D is the New Bird Dog
    By Lieutenant Commander David P. Markert, U.S. Navy

    U.S. Navy F-14Ds have been assigned the Forward Air Control Airborne FAC(A)-mission, and the promise is unlimited. Rarely in the history of the FAC(A) or Fast FAC missions has such a capable platform done this demanding mission with such...

  • We Can Fix Combat SAR in the Navy
    By Captain Michael T.fuqu Fuqua

    During the Vietnam War, the Navy lost one aircraft for every 1.4 successful rescues and one airman for every 1.8 successful rescues. Unprepared for the challenge of combat search-and-rescue, the service experienced unacceptable losses and had to...

  • To Be or Not to Be?
    By Norman Polmar

    Fifty years ago this month, the question of whether an independent air force should be established was answered with the creation of the U.S. Air Force. The British precedent (below, U.S. aircraft fly off HMS Victorious in World War II) made the...

  • The Dark Side of Expeditionary
    By Commander T. J. McKearney, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Busy touting the benefits of expeditionary operations, the Navy and Marine Corps have ignored the side effects. Carrier-based S-3 squadrons, for example, have become more focused on intelligence gathering and tanking-this S-3B refuels a Royal...

  • Countdown to 2000
    By Lieutenant Barbara J. Gutsch, U.S. Navy

    All around the computer world, a warning sounds: Beware the year 2000. How have we gotten into this predicament, and how will we get out of it?

  • Who Will Cook the Food?
    By Captain Robert S. Riche, U.S. Navy and Commander Robert O. Brown, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    As the Navy stretches and breaks old paradigms about ship manning, new methods of performing traditional shipboard functions must be developed. The current low-tech, manpower-intensive food service system is ripe for a sea change.


  • "Joint Vision 2010" Hale or Hollow?
    By Major Jon A. Kimminau, U.S. Air Force

    To be relevant and lasting, "Joint Vision 2010" must get a fix on our military purpose and offer guidance on how to get there. The first step is to acknowledge that in the new strategic environment, fighting and winning wars will have...

  • The Future of Land Power
    By Captain Michael R. Lwin, U.S. Army and Captain Mark R. Lwin, U.S. Marine Corps

    Viewed separately, the Army's Experimental Force and the Marine Corps' Sea Dragon experiment-these Marines are part of a hunter-killer team-have limitations that restrict U.S. strategy options. Together, they present formidable...

  • The Devil Is In the Details
    By Lieutenant Commander Robert D. Gourley, U.S. Navy

    Information warfare is a growth industry. Here are seven tests to help operators-who will have to implement its concepts in the field and fleet-separate wheat from chaff.

  • Tomorrow's Fleet
    By Scott C. Truver

    "We're out of the ‘do more with less business,"' Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jay Johnson declared at the Naval War College's Current Strategy Forum in June. "We can do less with less, or we can do more with...

  • Memories
    By Alvin Kernan

    When I wrote Crossing the Line, my memoir of life on aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo, 50 years after the events, I was amazed at how once I began to reconstruct the story the old images flooded back into my head. It seemed as if the...

  • Training Against the Navy's #1 Threat
    By Captain Arnold Henderson, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    As surface warriors will tell you, the threat that keeps them awake nights is the Supersonic Sea-Skimming AntiShip Cruise Missile (ASCM).

  • A Single Coast Guard
    By Lieutenant Claudia Gelzer, U.S. Coast Guard

    Sorry, we don't do that here. You need to talk to our other Baltimore office," came the Coast Guard voice on the telephone.

    "But isn't this the Coast Guard?" would come the bewildered reply. "Sure, but not the...

  • Recruit Leaders, Not Scholars
    By Major David Anderson, U.S. Marine Corps

    The Marine Corps Recruiting Command recently released statistics regarding the number of officers commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1995 from the top 229 national universities in the United States, as identified by U.S. News and World Report....

  • Book Reviews


    William Martin. New York, NY: Warner Books, 1996. 685 pp. $24.95 ($22.45) hardcover, $7.99 paper.

    Reviewed by Vice Admiral Alexander J. Krekich, U.S. Navy

  • The Republic Navies
    By Norman Polmar

    NATO: Expansion or Aggression?

    I would not [underestimate] the dislike of NATO enlargement" in Russia, says Dr. Sergei Rogov, director of Moscow's prestigious Institute of USA and Canada Studies, a combination think tank and...

  • Nulka on Track for 1998
    By Ed Walsh

    The new "Naval Systems" column will appear bi-monthly, written by Ed Walsh, editor of Naval Systems Update and a former Senior Editor at Sea Power. His work on naval and military technology has appeared in numerous publications,...

  • Interest in Military Service Wanes
    By Tom Philpott

    One can blame post-Cold War peacekeeping missions to unpopular areas of the globe like Haiti and Bosnia. Or increasing emphasis today on college as a pathway to a successful career. Some military retirees point to the government's broken...

  • World Naval Developments
    By Norman Friedman

    Lockheed buys Northrop Grumman

    Another famous name in U.S. aerospace is no more-Northrop Grumman is to be absorbed into Lockheed Martin. [See page 45, this issue.]

  • Combat Fleets
    By A. D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World

    The Russian Baltic Fleet Sovremennnyy-class guided missile destroyer Bespokoynyy ("Restless"), arriving for the Kiel Week naval review in Germany on 20 June. The 8,480-ton (full-load displacement) Bespokoynyy,...

  • Lest We Forget
    By Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    A pioneer helicopter squadron, Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 (HC-1), the Fleet Angels, pushed the threshold of naval helicopter operations during its long history. Its 21 detachments performed search and rescue and a wide range of utility...


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