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Enlisted Essay Contest Prize Winner

Naval officers may command a good ship, but it is not acceptable for them to command through intimidation and fear. Hunt...



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  • How Smithsonian Sells Us Short
    By William S. Dudley

    In the wake of the Enola Gay fiasco at the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum—when revisionist historians acting as curators attempted to re-educate Americans on their "mistaken" evaluation of Japanese culture,...

  • A Report from the Front
    By John Byron

    What takes 16 hours a day, lasts seven months, costs a fortune, brings you under constant attack, and carries with it both great risk and great opportunity? Sounds like duty in a war zone. That's pretty close. I just finished running for...

  • Comment & Discussion
  • Monsarrat Was Wrong
    By Chief Quartermaster Robert B. Hunt, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Enlisted Essay Contest Prize Winner

    Naval officers may command a good ship, but it is not acceptable for them to command through intimidation and fear. Hunt discusses the leadership of a Fletcher-class destroyer...

  • All in a Day's Work
    By Yeoman Third Class Nicole Kristina Ramirez, U.S. Navy

    Enlisted Essay Contest, First Honorable Mention

    I am not sure how many times I hit the snooze button; all I really do know is that I'm late just about every day. The clock reads 0515, I've got to be out of the house by 0630. I...

  • What Is Really Important
    By Telecommunications Specialist Second Class Julie Marie Duncan, U.S. Coast Guard

    Enlisted Essay Contest, Second Honorable Mention

    It all started with a foul odor that hit me like a brick wall. My eyes began to water; my throat tightened. On this 115deg day, I couldn't begin to imagine its source. I stepped onto...

  • The Super Hornet Is a Winner
    By Riley Mixson

    In the context of joint warfare, naval aviation has charted a solid course—one implicitly supported by the 1996 Defense Science Board Summer Study Task Force in Tactics and Technology for 21st Century Military Superiority. The study...

  • Don't Forget the Spruances
    By Lieutenant David Haas, U.S. Navy

    Mainstays in the U.S. Navy's blue-water operations, the Spruances require modernization to be all they must be for success in the littorals. They must continue to fill the breach until new ships can replace them.

  • It's What's Inside That Counts
    By Norman Friedman and Scott C. Truver

    The first major U.S. weapon system designed for the post-Cold War era, the NSSN features revolutionary design processes and characteristics that will enable it to keep ahead of the threat during its 30-year service life.

  • While England Slept
    By Lieutenant Colonel Frank G. Hoffman, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

    An integrated, flexible joint vision—tested through war games and field experiments—is critical to peacetime military innovation. Lacking such a vision in the 1920s and 1930s, Britain's military found itself unable to adapt....

  • Can the Corps Counter the Threat?
    By Captain Jeffrey P. Davis, U.S. Marine Corps

    When operational considerations prohibit other services from performing theater missile defense for the Marine air-ground task force, the Corps may have to provide its own. The Hawk missile system, combined with TPS-59 long-range surveillance...

  • 'Building the Future Now': An Interview with Captain William F. Readdy, U.S. Naval Reserve
    By Fred L. Schultz

    The naval aviator and commander of Space Shuttle mission STS-79 spoke recently about the complexities of Shuttle flight and the future of the space program with Naval Institute editor Fred L. Schultz.


  • The "Q" Transition
    By Lieutenant Commander Christopher E. Brown, U.S. Navy

    The Blue Ridge (LCC-19) and other aging Navy command ships must be replaced by a platform capable of operating across all areas of information-age warfare: information warfare, intelligence collection, and command and control....

  • Working Smarter on Board the Yorktown
    By Kim Orr

    Although arguably the most tradition-bound service, the U.S. Navy recently has embarked on one of the Defense Department's most innovative programs. Called "Smart Ship," the program is the Navy's response to reduced resources...

  • Training Tomorrow's Navy
    By Commander Julian Tonning, U.S. Navy

    Navy training is like a dreadnought whose mission now demands sustained operations in shallow waters—tossing over the side all the deck gear and most of the armament hasn't fixed the problem. So where do we go now?

  • We Need to Understand
    By Thomas Hirschfeld and W. Seth Carus

    The Cold War simplified intelligence analysis, by narrowing what was examined and assessed. Subject matter not related to that conflict became uninteresting to intelligence users and policy makers, because there was no dispute about the Soviet...

  • What Happened to Butch?
    By Steve Ewing and John B. Lundstrom

    In this excerpt from the new Naval Institute Press book, Fateful Rendezvous: The Life of Butch O'Hare, two distinguished World War II historians weigh the evidence about the shootdown of the F6F flown by this fabled fighter pilot...

  • Nobody Asked Me But…We Still Need Nukes
    By Commander Douglas W. Keiler, U.S. Navy

    General Lee Butler, the former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Strategic Command, recently held a press conference in which he called for complete nuclear disarmament by the world's nuclear powers. On a theoretical plane, I couldn't agree...

  • Nobody Asked Me But…A Few Good Men...But Not Always
    By Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Williams, U.S. Marine Corps

    For 26 years, I have had first-hand experience with the Marine Corps' selection system. A reasonable amount of human error will be present in any system; our present system, however, is significantly flawed. Many of our best and most-...

  • Professional Notes

    Reserve Helos Get Magic Lantern

    By Lieutenant Commander Wade Burchell, U.S. Naval Reserve

    U.S. Naval Reserve Helicopter Antisubmarine Warfare Squadron (Light) [HSL]-94 got its first two Magic Lantern...

  • Book Reviews & Books of Interest

    It's Our Military, Too! Women and the U.S. Military

    Judith Hicks Stiehm, Editor. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1996. 309 pp. Illus. Photos. $59.95 ($53.95) Hardcover, $29.95 ($17.95) Paper.


  • The Republic Navies: The Last Cruiser...Probably
    By Normal Polmar

    The nuclear-propelled battle cruiser Petr Velikiy (Peter the Great)—delivered to the Russian Fleet this year—probably will be the last "cruiser" to be constructed for any navy. She is the fourth ship of the ...

  • Points of Interest: How Congress Made a Lousy Program Worse
    By Tom Philpott

    The post-Vietnam era Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) is hands down the most unpopular veterans education program ever devised by Congress.

    Offered to persons who joined service from 1 January 1977 through 30 June 1985, VEAP...

  • World Naval Developments
    By Norman Friedman

    Radar Shadowing Lights Up Stealth

    Radar shadowing, a new antistealth technique, is out of the closet. Airplanes and, presumably, missiles with low radar cross-sections apparently leave shadows in radar illumination reflected from their...

  • Combat Fleets
    By A.D. Baker III

    India's 19,500-ton British Glory-class aircraft carrier Vikrant was launched in 1945 as HMS Glory. Purchased still incomplete in 1957 and completed in 1961, she came to the end of her career on 31 January, although the ship...

  • Lest We Forget: Patrol Squadron 8 (VP-8)
    By Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Patrol Squadron Eight (VP-8) was established on 1 September 1942 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia, originally designated as VP-201. The PBM Mariner patrol seaplane squadron deployed to Bermuda in May 1943 to provide antisubmarine coverage for convoys...

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