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November 1995
Double V: The Civil Rights Struggle of the Tuskegee AirmenLawrence P. Scott and William Womack, Sr. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 1994. 301 pp. Bib. Ind. Notes. Photos. ...


By Rear Admiral Joseph J. Kirob, U.S. Navy, Director, Office of Naval Intelligence
November 1995
In 1993, Michael Hammer and James Champy described three types of businesses that underwent reorganizations: The first ones were performing well and reorganized to stay ahead. The second type foresaw ...

Dragons and Centipedes at Sea

By Captain Hei Shwei, PLA(N)
November 1995
China has historical interest in the offshore waters.3 For thousands of years our fishermen and mer­chants have sailed these waters to the continuing benefit of our people and those who ...

Nobody Asked Me, But…Small Unit Effectiveness

By Sergeant Dylan T. H. Ikenouye, U.S. Marine Corps
November 1995
Marines stationed in small specialty units—such as radar and artillery—are screened and evaluated to ensure they can handle the high stress and massive workloads. They must be proficient and capable ...

Comment & Discussion

November 1995
“Putting America’s 911 Force on Hold”(See K. M. Kobell, pp. 73-76, September 1995Proceedings)Major Enrico G. De Guzman, U.S. Ma­rine Corps, Executive Officer, 3d Assault Amphibian Battalion—Colonel Kobell pointed out the ...

Lest We Forget

By Eric Wertheim
November 1995
The second U.S. submarine to bear the name “Arg­onaut,” the SS-475, was laid down on 28 June 1944 by the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Navy Yard. She was launched on 1 ...


November 1995
NOTEBOOK POLICY: Please submit notices five months in advance of your reunion. Reunions with specific dates will be given preference. Notices will be published only once and as space permits. ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
November 1995
Commencing this June, U.S. Navy patrol craft Typhoon (PC-5) and Scirocco (PC-6) made a Mediterranean deployment, the first overseas voyage for units of the still-building Cyclone (PC-1) class. The Typhoon ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems
November 1995
Aircraft and Tomahawks Hit BosniaIn September, NATO aircraft began to bomb Serbian posi­tions in Bosnia in hopes of forcing them to negotiate a peace. What was new was the ...

Professional Notes

November 1995
Retain the Iowas ... As They AreBy Henry WyattThe decision to strike the four Iowa (BB-61)-class battleships already has produced strong reaction. C. E. Myers, Jr. in his commentary, “Not ...

The Future Is Now

By Major Jon T. Hoffman, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
November 1995
Marine Corps Essay Contest WinnerManpower-intensive close-combat forces are neither affordable nor compatible with the new emphasis on maneuver warfare. It is time to shift to a new era, where ...

Commentary: JAST...What Did You Have in Mind?

By C. E. Myers, Jr.
November 1995
When I learned that the Department of Defense was spon­soring a new program called Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST), my first reaction was: “Well, it’s about time.”I imagined it was ...

Sub Tzu & the Art of Submarine Warfare

By Commander Frank C. Borik, U.S. Navy
November 1995
19-20 January 2009, North American Submarine Warfare Symposium, Annapolis, Maryland, simulcast on the Global Military Teleconferencing Network—As everyone is well aware, in the Spratly War two years ago the Chinese ...

The Changing Face of NORAD

By Lieutenant Colonel David L. Bashow, Canadian Forces
November 1995
The geopolitical environment has changed, but NORAD still provides proven, cost-effective protection of air sovereignty for North America.During May 1996, Canada and the United States will celebrate the 38th ...

Special: FA-18E/F Update

November 1995
The Navy's new F/A-18E rolled out on 18 September in St. Louis. McDonnell Douglas test pilot Fred Madenwald, who will head the flight test team, is scheduled to take the ...

Remembering Margo

By Marine Gunner James F. Doner, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
November 1995
I got back to Vietnam in December 1967 and was assigned to the 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, at Dong Ha.I started as a platoon sergeant but rapidly became the platoon ...

LZ Margo . . . The Dead Went Last

By Major General Jarvis D. Lynch, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
November 1995
“They were typical grunts and corpsmen—normally unwashed, usually underfed, always overloaded and more often than not, tired .A battalion operations officer reflects on one day in a very long war. ...

Nobody Asked Me, But…The Few, The Proud, The Unwed

By Captain F. A. Delzompo, U.S. Marine Corps
November 1995
On Friday, 6 August 1993, the Ma­rine Corps issued ALMAR 226/93, which prohibited married persons from enlisting after 1996 and mandated mar­ital education for all Marines and “mar­riage workshops” for ...

Interview: "We Just Did Our Job"

November 1995
Shortly after the daring rescue of Captain Scott O’Grady from a Bosnian hillside, author Mary Pat Kelly interviewed then-Colonel Berndt, the rescue force comman­der, about the preparations for the operation. ...

The Recovery of Basher 52

By Brigadier General Martin R. Berndt, U.S. Marine Corps, and Major Michael C. Jordan, U.S. Marine Corps
November 1995
"Basher 52, this is Basher 11; Roger—you’re alive.” This call from the skies over western Bosnia-Herzegovina set into motion a short, focused operation to rescue U.S. Air Force Captain Scott ...

Leadership Is the Bridge

By Gunnery Sergeant Shon Paul Brodie, U.S. Marine Corps
November 1995
Marine Corps Essay Contest Second Honorable MentionFrom the close formations of first-genera­tion warfare to the terrorist and guerrilla tactics that may come to characterize fourth-generation warfare, one constant remains: ...

Filling the Capability Gap

By Major Jay Anderson, U.S. Marine Corps
November 1995
Marine Corps Essay Contest First Honorable MentionThe CH-46 is entering its fourth decade of service and the MV-22 is at least ten years away from full deployment. If the ...

A Brief Analysis of the Spratty War

November 1995
The geostrategic situation in the South China Sea at the turn of the century was conditioned by the discovery of huge gas and oil fields in 1999. These discoveries heated ...

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