The Navy Gap in the Seventies

By Master Chief Sonar Technician J. C. Bussert, U. S. Navy
June 1972
Enlisted Prize Essays 1972Along with its ships, America seems to have mothballed its emotions—and its national honor. From Bunker Hill through Belleau Wood to Okinawa and Inchon, we met ...

Nothing But Blue Skies

By Lieutenant Colonel Robert Leider, U. S. Army
June 1972
The first ugly word on the subject was “pollution.” Next came “ecology,” and now we speak reverently of “the quality of life.” And, as the talkers talk, the images form: ...

The U. S. Coast Guard—Armed and Ready

By Lt. Cdr. R. E Bennett, USCG
June 1972
Under the Department of Transportation, the synergistic Coast Guard is still very much in the marine safety/humanitarian/marine sciences/law enforcement/marine transportation business; but, as they proved once again in Vietnam, they ...

China: Nuclear Dragon

By Lieutenant Commander Scott Allen, U. S. Navy
June 1972
At 1500, Peking time, on 16 October 1964, a light brighter than a thousand suns flashed over the desert wasteland of western China, and for the first time, a huge ...

Our Imperiled State Maritime Academies

By Capt. William B. Hayler, USN (Ret.)
June 1972
Midshipmen of the six state maritime academies must be far more familiar with navigation than their Naval Academy counterparts. These Massachusetts Maritime Academy deck midshipmen study the subject for two ...

Could We End the Draft Now?

By Dr. Curtis W. Tarr
June 1972
Could We End the Draft Now? By Curtis W. Tarr As part of my duties as Director of the Selective Service System, I spend several hours each week with young ...

Ten Days at Veracruz

By Capt. Paul B. Ryan, USN (Ret.)
June 1972
Ten Days at VeracruzBy Captain Paul B. Ryan, U. S. Navy (Retired)In April 1914, Hampton Roads was filled only partially with ships of the Atlantic Fleet. Seven months before, ...

The Old Navy: Aeronaut Mk. 1

By Colonel Glen E. Fant, Army of the United States (Retired)
June 1972
In the spring of 1861, in Cincinnati, when the weather was exactly right, Professor Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt Lowe cut loose from his moorings at 4:00 a.m. on the morning of ...

Comment and Discussion

June 1972
Proceedings Cover—“The American’s Creed”(See February 1972 Proceedings)E. R. Kingsbury—May I order, in large numbers, copies of this wonderful document? I would like to include a copy in ...

Book Reviews and Book List

June 1972
Flottes de Combat 1972Henri Le Masson (ed.). Paris: Editions Maritimes et D’Outre-Mer, 1971. 440 pp. Illus.Reviewed by Richard F. Cross, III(Mr. Cross is a 1944 graduate ...

Professional Notes

June 1972
Development of River Navigation in Bolivia By Rear Admiral Orlando Roca Castedo, Bolivian Navy, (Retired), former Chief of Naval Operations River navigation in Bolivia goes back to primitive times; Manco ...


June 1972
Merchant Marine Midshipmen Ponder A Bleak Future At Sea(Robert J. Rosenthal in The New York Times, 20 February 1972)Graduates of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy[*] at Kings ...

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