NATO: The Writing on the Wall

By Gen. T R. Milton, USAF
January 1972
Peace is in the air in Europe, or rather—because there has been a sort of peace for a long time—there is a growing desire to get rid of the tools ...

This Business of Project Management

By Captain Frank H. Featherston, U. S. Navy
January 1972
New hardware initiatives are being undertaken by the Navy. Name the system: CAPTOR, Sea Control Ship, LAMPS, Harpoon, SSN-688, ULMS, or any one of several others, and you are naming ...

The Seabees at Dong Xoai: "... a New Kind of Fighting Man"

By Commander William D. Middleton, CEC, U. S. Navy
January 1972
Unlike the squad of Marines they so closely resembled, they were not professional fighting men but, rather, skilled tradesmen—carpenters, masons, an electrician, a steelworker. Yet, it was not as builders—but ...

Seven Days in July

By Cdr. Jack M. White, USN
January 1972
In the aftermath of the racial confrontation that took place at Great Lakes Naval Base in July 1970, Rear Admiral Draper L. Kauffman sought the views of such concerned individuals ...

Survival Among Sharks

By Lieutenant Commander E. Lewis Frasier, U. S. Navy (Retired)
January 1972
Feared and respected by seafaring men, sharks continue to be a threat to seamen who have been forced to abandon ship, to downed airmen, and to the recreational swimmer. Several ...

Airlift to Kut

By Colonel A. P. Sights, Jr., U. S. Air Force (Retired)
January 1972
The biplane was in level flight a little over a mile above the ground. A single 90-h.p. engine pulled it through the air at about 50 miles an hour. Two ...

Pictorial—Shaping a Ship

A Photographic Essay by Edward Bonner
January 1972
Because the shipbuilder's craft is one of man's oldest achievements, so long enduring has been the popular image of brawny artisans carefully fashioning tall timbers into towering ships that a ...

The Old Navy: The Tripoli Monument

By Dody W. Smith
January 1972
For 112 years, the Tripoli Monument has stood on the grounds of the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, but its unique and tumultuous history began long before 1860.Originally erected ...

Comment and Discussion

January 1972
“Naval Air Training: A Change is Needed” (See D. R. Wright, pp. 113-117, February; and p. 84, November 1970; p. 83, January; p. 89, February; and p. 92, March ...

Book Reviews and Book List

January 1972
(Three different views of former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara are contained in the books reviewed below)McNamara: His Ordeal in the PentagonHenry L Trewhitt. New York: Harper ...

Professional Notes

January 1972
Correction Captain G. D. Morin, whose Professional Note, “A Practical Method of Predicting Fuel Consumption,” appeared in the November 1971 issue, points out several errors in his text and illustrations: ...


January 1972
Prize Essay Is The Subject of Navy Magazine Editorial(Excerpt from the June 1971 issue of Navy, international journal of maritime affairs, published by the Navy League, London)A great ...

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