Proceedings Magazine - August 1972 Vol. 98/8/834

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Prize Essay 1972


Fittingly, the men of the Enterprise spell out Einstein’s theory about mass and...



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  • The Nuclear Carrier and Modern War
    By Capt. Paul Schratz, USN (Rel.)

    Prize Essay 1972


    Fittingly, the men of the Enterprise spell out Einstein’s theory about mass and energy being two sides of the same coin; for the...

  • The Adriatic: Soviet Seaway Someday?
    By Lieutenant Eugene P. Sullivan, SC, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Few aspects of Soviet foreign policy in recent years have attracted as much attention as the enormous increase in both the quantity and quality of Soviet naval activity in the Mediterranean. The traditional role of the U. S. Sixth Fleet as...

  • "Canada Must Face Reality . . ."
    By Cdr. W. G. Kinsman, Canadian Forces (Ret.)

    Bound up in a defense-of-homeland strategy, Canadian Maritime forces appear equally ill-suited to meet seaborne threats or to demonstrate naval presence in “show-the-flag” appearances.

  • Domestic Tranquility and the Common Defense
    By John J. Clark

    The primacy that the U. S. Navy once enjoyed no longer exists. The Soviet Union does not yet have America’s capability to deploy task forces for extended periods in far distant seas—e.g., the USS ...

  • The State of Health of Navy Medicine
    By Cdr. Peter A. Flynn, MC, USN

    While 50,000 dissatisfied corpsmen leave the Services each year, a rising flood of dissatisfied patients threatens to engulf the clinics, dispensaries, and emergency rooms as more and more conditions become treatable on an outpatient basis....

  • The Post-Vietnam Navy: The Rhetoric and the Realities
    By J. K. Holloway, Jr.

    The picture of the destroyer Lloyd Thomas (DD-764) evading exploding shells off North Vietnam in the spring of 1972 is worth 10,000 words. Yet, the dove and the hawk would find great difficulty in agreeing what those words should be. Both...

  • Russia’s Ancient Ally: the Sea
    By Robert W. Daly

    All too often, Western writers blithely—and inaccurately—use the word “never” when describing Russia’s relationship to the sea. “Never under the Tsars,” we are told, “did the Russian Navy penetrate...

  • The Old Navy: Maury and the Russian Grand Duke
    By Frank J. Anderson

    The career of Matthew Fontaine Maury, the “Pathfinder of the Seas,” has left a broad, enduring wake in the waters of naval and oceanographic history, and the significance of his achievements is well known to naval and...

  • Pictorial—"Tidewater Navy"—The Norfolk Naval Complex
    By Combat Camera Group, Atlantic Fleet

    Oldest, largest, busiest—any one-sentence description of the Norfolk naval complex must include a number of Service-oriented superlatives well- founded in more than two centuries of naval and maritime history.

    For U. S. Navymen...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “ASW—The Crucial Naval Challenge”

    (See R. H. Smith, pp. 126-141, May 1972 Proceedings, Naval Review Issue)

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    The Amphibians Came To Conquer

    Vice Admiral George C. Dyer, U.S.N. (Ret.), Washington, D.C.: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1972. 1,298 pp. Two volumes. Illus. $14.50 per set.

    Reviewed by Hanson W....

  • Professional Notes

    Colombia’s Riverine Welfare [sic]

    By Vice Admiral Jamie Parra Ramirez, Colombian Navy, Commander of the Navy

  • Notebook

    Japanese Self-Defense Forces To Be Stationed On Okinawa

    (Flight International, 4 April 1972)

    The Japanese government has approved plans of the National Defense Council to base Japanese Self-...

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