Proceedings Magazine - May 1972 Vol. 98/5/831

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The challenge at sea with which the nations of the West find themselves confronted is sufficiently well known, Why then theory? Should we not rather concentrate on practical problems? And,...



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  • Theory of Naval Strategy in the Nuclear Age
    By Rear Admiral Edward Wegener, Federal German Navy (Retired)

    The challenge at sea with which the nations of the West find themselves confronted is sufficiently well known, Why then theory? Should we not rather concentrate on practical problems? And, moreover: Why do we not content ourselves with the naval...

  • Preface
    By Frank Uhlig, Jr., Editor

    The flash of the big guns, the smoke of the battle, the splashes of-the shells rising far above the mastheads in Claus Bergen’s powerful painting on our cover of the German battle line at Jutland in May 1916, evoke in one observer strong...

  • Biographies of Authors

    Task Force 77 in Action Off Vietnam

    Malcolm W. Cagle

    Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy

  • Naval and Maritime Events, 1 January-30 June 1971
    By Lt. Cdr, J. B. Finkelstein, USN

    This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most still remain uncorrected.  Artifacts of the scans...

  • Task Force 77 in Action Off Vietnam
    By Vice Admiral Malcolm W. Cagle, U.S. Navy

    The 37-month bombing effort against North Vietnam could shake off neither the shackles of political control of tactical details from Washington nor those of the vile weather over Vietnam which often frustrated attacks and greatly reduced...

  • The Role of the Carrier in the Control of the Seas
    By Capt. Stephen T. De La Mater, USN

    Recently the Navy conducted a study of a concept called the air capable ship. Before the characteristics of the ship had been clearly identified, it was decided that the name should be changed from air capable ship to sea control ship in...

  • ASW – The Crucial Naval Challenge
    By Captain Robert H. Smith, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    ASW, the three letters that stand for antisubmarine warfare, constitute probably the most familiar abbreviation in the naval profession. So frequently do they cross the lips of the naval officer that many have become habituated to their use...

  • The U. S. Shipping Emergency of the Seventies
    By Rear Admiral George H. Miller, U. S. Navy, and Max C. McLean

    The ten-year-old SS Japan Mail looks good as she plows through a Pacific swell en route from a West Coast port to one in the Far East. But in order to survive economically, the American Mail Line, owners of this modern 20-knot...

  • The Sea and Soviet Domestic Transportation
    By Robert E. Athay

    Expansion of the Soviet merchant fleet began in earnest in the mid-1950s and accelerated rapidly. Since that time the Soviets have built and purchased from abroad more than 10 million deadweight tons of merchant shipping, and their fleet now...

  • The Realities of Arms Limitations
    By Captain Dominic A. Paolucci, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    For the moment, arms limitations talks appear to be confined to “strategic” weapons, but ASW force capability—such as the USS Agerholm (DD-826) shown on the preceding pages with a nuclear-tipped Asroc exploding off...

  • The Australian Naval Situation
    By T. B. Millar

    Australia is the world’s largest island—some three million square miles—with a 12,200-mile coastline. It is immensely rich in natural resources, especially minerals, and in its capacity to grow food and fibers. Because...

  • A View from FMF Pac of Logistics in the Western Pacific, 1965-1971
    By Colonel James B. Soper, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired)

    The Marines’ traditional gripe about being “lonely, tired, and far from home” comes close to describing the U. S. serviceman’s predicament in and resulting from South Vietnam.

  • Small Combatants—1972
    By Arthur Davidson Baker, III

    I. Communist, Neutral, and NATO North

  • Book List


  • Soviet Shipbuilding and Shipyards
    By Norman Polmar


    This essay has been prepared entirely from unclassified sources. A key document used was the U. S. Navy report Soviet Shipbuilding, published in the hearings of the Sea Power Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee...

  • Flag and General Officers of the Naval Services

    Officers of Flag Rank of the U. S. Navy and U. S. Coast Guard and NOAA, and General Officers of the U. S. Marine Corps on active duty as of 1 January 1972

    Numbers following titles indicate: Navy: Lineal number; Marine Corps:...

  • Submarine Disasters in Peacetime, 1900-1971
    Compiled by Chester L. Somers

    The following compilation of major submarine disasters (those in which lives were lost or serious damage occurred) during the past 71 years, is an attempt to present...

  • Summary of Major Naval, Maritime, and Military Forces


    Compiled from U. S. Maritime Administration data

    U. S. Merchant Marine Summary as of 30 November 1971

    U. S.-flag oceangoing merchant fleet (ships of over 1,000 gross tons)


  • Naval and Maritime Events, 1 July—31 December 1971
    Compiled and prepared by Lieutenant Commander J. B. Finkelstein, U. S. Navy

    1 July According to the Maritime Administration, there were 690 vessels of 1,000 gross tons and over in the active oceangoing U. S. merchant fleet as of this date. This was a decrease of 74 ships since 1 January. The total U. S.-...

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