Proceedings Magazine - March 1972 Vol. 98/3/829

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The first gray fingers of the false dawn reveal the choppy waters of the Baltic Sea. On board the darkened landing craft of the multinational task force, gongs suddenly beat out General...



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  • They Are Proud to Claim the Title of . . . The Soviet Marines
    By Charles G. Pritchard

    The first gray fingers of the false dawn reveal the choppy waters of the Baltic Sea. On board the darkened landing craft of the multinational task force, gongs suddenly beat out General Quarters, galvanizing into action the Soviet, Polish,...

  • Military Pilot Training
    By Commander W. A. Speer, SC, U. S. Navy (Retired) and Lieutenant Colonel J. B. Kusewitt, U. S. Army (Retired)

    The increasing availability of large capacity, high speed, general purpose digital computers, such as those that drive American Airlines’ unique six-axis DC-10 flight simulators, could add up to a better, cheaper method of...

  • The All-Volunteer Force: Why Not?
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) T. D. Kelley, JAGC, U. S. Naval Reserve

    How big a part, if any, the threat of being drafted played in this young man’s decision to enlist in the Navy is a moot question. What no longer seems open to question, however, is that the end of the draft is desirable—...

  • The 1100: He Flies Not; Neither Does He Sink
    By Capt. Andrew G. Nelson, USN

    In bygone days of glory, the U. S. Navy believed that line officers were essential for victory at sea. Our predecessors believed—and proved—that command of the sea was won by men who in peacetime had gained the maximum of...

  • Japan’s Taiwan Dilemma
    By Joseph Z. Reday

    Free World’s defense, a model member of the world community, and, as can be seen from Taipei’s teeming streets, a model also of highly successful development and trade. For these and other reasons Taiwan could gain a new distinction...

  • Technology and the Military
    By Stanley Sandler

    Despite an almost infinite variety of technological innovation in the last one hundred years, the introduction of and reaction to innovation, especially within the military, seems to fall into several relatively well-defined patterns. Certainly...

  • The Royal Navy
    By James Morris

    The emptiest place in Britain is Scapa Flow in Orkney: partly because the great sea loch is supremely desolate in itself, its treeless islands so forlorn, its winds so unforgiving, but chiefly because in history’s eye it is...

  • Pictorial— Submarine Memorials: "For Those Who Served"
    By Captain George M. Hagerman, USN (Retired)

    From its beginnings, in primitive U. S. boats like Bushnell’s “Turtle” and the Civil War “Davids”—conceived in desperation and operated in extreme peril—to the “air conditioned sewer...

  • The Old Navy: Little Egypt's Naval Station
    By Dana M. Wegner

    During the Civil War, Cairo, Illinois, because of its position at the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, was deemed by some to be second in strategic importance only to the District of Columbia. Located on the fertile plain known as...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “Gibraltar: Monument to Seapower”

    (See J. Weller, pp. 27-33, October 1971; and p. 106, February 1972 Proceedings)

    Captain Roy C. Smith, III, U. S. Navy (Retired)—...

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Russian Sea Power

    David Fairhall. Boston: Gambit, 1971. 275 Illus. $10.00.

    Reviewed by Arthur D. Baker, III

    (Mr. Baker graduated magna cum laude in maritime history from Harvard in...

  • Professional Notes

    The “CV”: Capable Vigilance or Continued Vulnerability?

    By Lieutenant James T. Coogan, Jr. U. S. Naval Reserve, Air Intelligence Officer, Air Antisubmarine Squadron 28

    ASW has remained a step-child, a...

  • Notebook

    Soviet Navy Builds Up Forces Throughout North Atlantic

    (Arthur Veysey in The Chicago Tribune, 27 December 1971)

    The Soviet Navy is advancing its front door 1,200 miles out into the Atlantic, an Institute of...

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