Proceedings Magazine - February 1972 Vol. 98/2/828

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On occasion, Admiral Kidd's Sixth Fleet shared a Mediterranean anchorage with sleek Soviet warships.



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  • View from the Bridge of the Sixth Fleet Flagship
    By Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, Jr., U. S. Navy

    On occasion, Admiral Kidd's Sixth Fleet shared a Mediterranean anchorage with sleek Soviet warships.

  • Patriotism: The Self-evident Truths
    By Ed Mason

    The first American patriots pledged, and many later gave, everything—“Our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor”—to defend certain truths. Yet, as the bicentennial of the signing approaches, many of the present...

  • The ASW Officer: "Jack of all Trades, Master of None"
    By Robert R. Mackie

    One of the most significant characteristics of the U. S. Navy 25 years after World War II is its continuing dependence on the “well-rounded,” general-purpose line officer for the operation, maintenance, and tactical employment of the...

  • Japan's View of Korea
    By Maj. H. E. McCracken, Jr., USA

    Mushrooming below these South Korean youngsters is a modern capital that has been raised from the rubble left when the First Marine Division liberated Seoul from the North Koreans in September 1950. While that Korean War did not...

  • The Versatile, Vulnerable Container Ship
    By Col. Frank B. Case, USA

    Economically, containerization is a golden goose; militarily, it could become an albatross. Consider this: in World War II, the number of enemy submarines was small and the number of Allied ships was extremely large. In a future war, the...

  • The O-5 Is Down!
    By Captain Julius Grigore, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    At 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, 28 October 1923, the USS O-5 (SS-66) had passed the luxurious Washington Hotel on Manzanillo Point, Colon, Panama, and was proceeding on a southerly course across Limon Bay, en route to Gatun Locks. The 173-foot,...

  • Last Muster for the Citizens' Army?
    By Lt. Philip J. Katauskas, USN

    An America which, for almost two centuries, relied on its farmers, shopkeepers, and businessmen to don uniforms, wage a war, and then return to their civilian pursuits may one day soon place its faith and its future in an All Volunteer...

  • Pictorial—Recruiting Posters WW II

    In 1917, as America entered upon her first Struggle for Democracy, on some fronts the war quickly became one of words—on the home front these appeared as carefully selected phrases that were combined with pictures aimed at convincing...

  • The Old Navy: The Spirit of the Navy
    By Rear Admiral R. E. Coontz, U. S. Navy

    In December 1927, Rear Admiral R. E. Coontz, Commandant, Fifth Naval District, submitted an article to the United States Navy Weekly. Forty-four years later, his grandson, Captain Robert J. Coontz, U. S. Navy, found a copy in his...

  • Comment and Discussion

    The Image of a Winner: An Answer to Personnel Retention

    Commander John A. Henry, Jr., U. S. Navy—Three articles appearing in the Proceedings have provided some of the most stimulating reading that I have come across...

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    America the Dutiful: An Assessment of U. S. Foreign Policy Since World War II

    Philip W. Quigg. New York: Simon and Schuster, 191. 22 pp. $6.95.

    Reviewed by Commander Delbert D. Boerner, U. ...

  • Professional Notes

    A Navy Without Weapons?

    By Dr. John T. Bonner, Jr., Vice President for Educational Services, The Ohio State University

  • Notebook

    Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, U. S. Marine Corps

    (Smith Hempstone in The Evening Star, Washington, D.C.., 20 October 1971)

    They buried Chesty Puller at high noon on an apple-sweet October day, the...

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