Drug Abuse: Out in the Open

By Cdr. Herbert T. Woolley, (JAGC), USN, and Lt. Cdr. Lee H. Beecher, (MC), USNR
November 1971
Under Hawaii’s sunny skies, the Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Fourteenth Naval District reflect the Service’s grave concern as they offer their personal support to young ...

At Sea—Where We Belong

By Maj. Robert C. McFarlane, USMC
November 1971
Since World War II, the United States has created and expanded a worldwide base structure manned by air and ground forces designed to support America’s international commitments. The time has ...

From Simonstown to Singapore

By Lawrence Griswold
November 1971
In the Indian Ocean, as things now stand, the Russian Navy is well in the lead. It is a very new navy and its leaders have learned that no great ...

Naval Reserve: Hawaii 4.0

By Capt. Harvey H. Meeker, Jr., USNR
November 1971
“Any view that the Naval Reserve will be useful only on and after M-Day is archaic. Our ready Reserve represents not only Fleet-trained manpower, but a wealth of diverse expertise ...

The Old Navy: They Landed to Lower the Flag

By Bernard C. Nalty and Truman R. Strobridge
November 1971
“Any resistance will be met by force,” snapped the Marine lieutenant. While two civilians glared angrily, a sergeant and two privates strode to the flagpole and began lowering the colors. ...

Comment and Discussion

November 1971
“Sundowner Par Excellence”(See J. J. Clark, pp. 54-59, June 1971 Proceedings)Commander Ralph E. Patterson, U. S. Navy (Retired)—Admiral “Jocko” Clark was a “Sundowner” long before ...

Book Reviews and Book List

November 1971
Aircraft and Sea PowerVice Adm. Sir Arthur Hezlet. New York: Stein and Day, 1970. 370 pp. Illus. $15.00.Reviewed by Richard K. Smith(Mr. Smith holds bachelor of ...

Professional Notes

November 1971
Back From the Bottom By Lieutenant Commander Malcolm C. Bartels, U. S. Navy, Officer-in-Charge, Bathyscaph Trieste II and White Sands (ARD-20) On 12 January 1944, Ensign Robert T. Thomas, U. ...


November 1971
Soviet Fleet Strength Concerns U. S. Seventh Fleet Commander(Kim Willenson in The Jersey Journal, 9 September 1971)Even though he took his flagship close to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) ...

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