Marine Aviation in Vietnam, 1962-1970

By Lieutenant General Keith B. McCutcheon, U.S. Marine Corps
May 1971
The Beginning Marine Corps aviation involvement in Vietnam began on Palm Sunday 1962, when a squadron of UH-34 helicopters landed at Soc Trang in the Delta. The squadron was Marine ...

Destroyers, 1971

By Richard F. Cross, III
May 1971
Destroyers today have come a long way in the seventy years since the 420-ton USS Bainbridge (DD-1) joined the Atlantic Fleet as its first torpedo boat destroyer. The missions and ...

Naval and Maritime Events, 1 July-31 December 1970

Compiled and prepared by Lieutenant (junior grade) Toby Marquez, U. S. Navy and Lieutenant Commander J. B. Finkelstein, U. S. Navy
May 1971
1 July During a ceremony in the U. S. Naval Academy’s Tecumseh Court at Annapolis, Maryland, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, U. S. Navy, relinquished his command as Chief of Naval ...

Z-Grams, 1-70, Summarized

May 1971
The continuing interest expressed over the series of policy directives issued by the Chief of Naval Operations—messages widely known both within and without the Navy as “Z-grams,” after their originator, ...

Soviet Naval Activities, 1970

By Robert W. Daly
May 1971
The following notes have been compiled from 1970 Soviet publications, principally the Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaia Zvezda (Red Star) and the Navy’s monthly, Morskoi Sbornik (Naval Collection), which remotely approximates ...


By Frank Uhlig, Jr., Editor
May 1971
“We may take it then that an army without its baggage train is lost; without provisions it is lost; without bases it is lost,” said Sun Tzu in about 500 ...

The Naval War in Vietnam, 1950-1970

By Commander R. L. Schreadley, U. S. Navy
May 1971
T ruck convoys valiantly crossed streams, mountains and forests; drivers spent scores of sleepless nights, in defiance of difficulties and dangers, to bring food and ammunition to the front, to ...

Maritime Support of the Campaign in I Corps

By Frank C. Collins, Jr., Commander, U. S. Navy
May 1971
The opinion, “From a logistics standpoint, this is by far the best and most managed war in which we have ever been involved,” voiced by one of our leading flag ...

Japan and Her Maritime Defense

By Hideo Sekino, Commander, Imperial Japanese Navy (Retired)
May 1971
Japan and Her Maritime Defense By Commander Hideo Sekino, Imperial Japanese Navy (Retired) As a result of the Second World War, Japan was disarmed and occupied by the Allied forces, ...

The Defense of Northwest Europe and the North Sea

By J. L. Moulton, Major General, Royal Marines (Retired)
May 1971
Twenty years ago, the Mediterranean was a NATO preserve; today, as we are painfully aware, it is not. The political circumstances are very different from those of 1950, but it ...

Biographies of Authors

May 1971
The Defense of Europe and the North Sea J. L. Moulton Major-General Royal Marines (Retired) General Moulton is the editor of Brassey’s Annual and the chairman of the Council of ...

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