NROTC at UCLA: The Colors Still Fly

By Midn. 1/c Lawrence M. Kryske, USNR
December 1971
Standing amid the charred debris that had been the NROTC wardroom at UCLA, the midshipman looked about him at the bomb-gutted room, at the scorched walls that had once been ...

A Look at Our LAMPS

By Michael R. Bonsignore
December 1971
Until recently, the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System—wherein a destroyer-based helicopter extends its parent vessel’s sphere of influence beyond the horizon—was generating as much heat as light, what with half a ...

Prognosis for Navy Medicine

By Rear Adm. Charles L Waite, MC, USN
December 1971
The surgeon on the facing page, peering through his Lempert Storz headlight, has learned to expect the unexpected in the operating room; so too, has the medical planner learned to ...

Pictorial—The Pen and the Sword

By Commander Fred Freeman, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired)
December 1971
Evidence abounds that the strokes of the artist’s pen and brush have recorded the strokes of the military sword throughout history. And, if we are to believe Benvenuto Cellini in ...

The Old Navy: A Raft of Trouble

By Captain W. H. Galbraith, U. S. Navy (Retired)
December 1971
On a balmy spring morning in 1922, the USS Tracy (DD-214), of the U. S. Destroyer Squadron, Asiatic fleet, stood out of Manila Bay to carry out her annual short-range ...

Comment and Discussion

December 1971
The Last Days of Peace in Pearl HarborReverend Lawrence R. Schmeider—On 1 February 1941, Admiral H. E. Kimmel relieved Admiral James O. Richardson as Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet, and Commander-in-Chief, ...

Book Reviews and Book List

December 1971
Notable Naval Books of 1971Compiled by Robert A. Lambert, Associate EditorEDITOR'S NOTE: This is the Proceedings’ 22nd annual survey of significant naval book of the current year. No effort if ...

Professional Notes

December 1971
The ASW “Six Pack”By Ensign John W. Skipper, U. S. NavyThe requirement to continuously improve the antisubmarine warfare capability of the U. S. Navy has been well documented, and, ...


December 1971
Navy Hopes For Expansion Of Forces In Indian Ocean(Fred Farrar in the Chicago Tribune, 30 September 1971)The former commander of the U. S. Seventh Fleet said that, as ...

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