Proceedings Magazine - December 1971 Vol. 97/12/826


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Standing amid the charred debris that had been the NROTC wardroom at UCLA, the midshipman looked about him at the bomb-gutted room, at the scorched walls that had once been crowded...



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  • NROTC at UCLA: The Colors Still Fly
    By Midn. 1/c Lawrence M. Kryske, USNR

    Standing amid the charred debris that had been the NROTC wardroom at UCLA, the midshipman looked about him at the bomb-gutted room, at the scorched walls that had once been crowded with paintings of heroic naval exploits, at the...

  • A Look at Our LAMPS
    By Michael R. Bonsignore

    Until recently, the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System—wherein a destroyer-based helicopter extends its parent vessel’s sphere of influence beyond the horizon—was generating as much heat as light, what with half a dozen...

  • Prognosis for Navy Medicine
    By Rear Adm. Charles L Waite, MC, USN

    The surgeon on the facing page, peering through his Lempert Storz headlight, has learned to expect the unexpected in the operating room; so too, has the medical planner learned to expect surprises as he tries to predict what the future holds for...

  • The Merchant Marine: Rationalize or Nationalize!
    By Col. Lane C. Kendall, USMCR (Ret.)

    The erosive effects of years of empty words and unacceptable performance may yet force the federal government to make the choice it obviously wishes to avoid. To many, the choice clearly seems to be between a seemingly insatiable “private...

  • Peary and the North Pole: Not the Shadow of a Doubt
    By Cdr. Edward P. Stafford, USN (Ret.)

    Ernest Hemingway once said about his writings, “If the book is good, is about something you know, and is truly written, and reading it over you see that this is so, you can let the boys yip.” Then the noise of yipping “will have...

  • Australia’s Defense Policies and the Asian Point of View
    By Lt. Col. E. H. Dar, Pakistani Army

    Australia has always been an Occidental island in an Oriental sea. As they formulate defense policies, Australians must try to see themselves and Asia—through Asian eyes, and face the hard reality that the present prevailing...

  • Pictorial—The Pen and the Sword
    By Cdr. Fred Freeman, USNR (Ret.)

    Evidence abounds that the strokes of the artist’s pen and brush have recorded the strokes of the military sword throughout history. And, if we are to believe Benvenuto Cellini in his celebrated autobiography, he set standards that may...

  • The Old Navy: A Raft of Trouble
    By Captain W. H. Galbraith, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    On a balmy spring morning in 1922, the USS Tracy (DD-214), of the U. S. Destroyer Squadron, Asiatic fleet, stood out of Manila Bay to carry out her annual short-range battle practice. On this mission, she was in charge of her Executive Officer,...

  • Comment and Discussion

    The Last Days of Peace in Pearl Harbor

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Notable Naval Books of 1971

    Compiled by Robert A. Lambert, Associate Editor

  • Professional Notes

    The ASW “Six Pack”

    By Ensign John W. Skipper, U. S. Navy

    The requirement to continuously improve the antisubmarine warfare capability of the U. S. Navy has been well documented, and, with varying degrees...

  • Notebook

    Navy Hopes For Expansion Of Forces In Indian Ocean

    (Fred Farrar in the Chicago Tribune, 30 September 1971)

    The former commander of the U. S. Seventh Fleet said that, as the American participation in the...

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